Links and news for July 8 – 4

1. Two girls aged 11 and 16 sexually assaulted off of Brighton Beach by 5 Asians. H/T Y Bagel

2. At last! ‘Islamophobia’ rising in British society!  (And they said England was done for. Well done boys! Also its funny how they refer to arson attacks on mosques as if they weren’t done by muslims for the insurance.)

3. Egyptards shoot guns at army

4. Andrew Bostom on Egypt and response to Charles Krauthammer

5. Americans. Better if you don’t know your rights?

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  1. bundling articles into a group makes it very difficult to comment and make a thread to talk about an issue.

    Personally if the article isn’t worth it’s own thread i would suggest to not post it.

    Thank you

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