Links and news for July 6 2013 – 1

1. Newly formed Ansar al-Shariah threatened to use violence to impose Sharia law on an increasingly divided Egypt

2. British schools asked to reinstitute British history.

3. Widow of ‘Boston bomber is starting to reject strict Muslim rules and now uses her maiden name as her family attempt to convert her back to Christianity’ 

It had previously been reported that she drastically changed after meeting Tsarnaev while at a club during her college years.

(Maybe what the USA needs more than a massive surveillance program against all of us is a few thousand cult-deprogrammers)

4. Yassir Arafat died of a disease his ideological brethren would typically feel worthy of throwing off a mountain.

5. Calgary Stampede, in the interest of diversity, becomes like everywhere else. Mono-tone and free of Canadian culture and religious traditions. Other than the actual stampede of course. For now.

H/T EDL Buck and Shabnam with thanks

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  1. 2/ The history of Islam should include what the real effect this pirate ideology had on civilisation.

    4/ Just as we suspected – this ugly taqiyya-mouthed slimeball had spent years of boy-buggering and man-loving. He paid the ultimate price with the ultimate disease. I expect the Palestinians will claim that he caught if off a pork chop that he once had the misfortune of coming in contact with.

  2. They will say he got it from Jews or Americans. While simultaneously saying he didn’t have it and the accusation is a Jew-American plot. They love their clay-pot fallacy in the islamic world.

  3. #4

    Look at Page 31 about 3 cases of HIV transmission in the paper “The Optimal Penalty for Sexually Transmitting HIV”

    It is written by Andrew M. Francis and Hugo M. Mialon. They are famnous in the gay community for writing “Tolerance and HIV” in September 3, 2009. But the year (March 30, 2008) before they wrote “The Optimal Penalty for Sexually Transmitting HIV”, which was ignored. Go figure.

    Now my knowledge of statistics is pretty well degraded. But for all that look at page 31. Anyone (including me) with a 6th grade education can figure out percentages.

    Look at the percentages of the different kinds of sex acts and figure the odds. Of course Yassir could have been strictly hetero and had another venereal disease, which greatly increased the odds of catching AIDS when having coitus with women. Still it begs the question why is he having sex with that many women? Are not Muslims limited to 4 wives? Of course given the ease of divorce and the “temporary wives”, many so called Muslims have made a mockery of the Qu’ran.

    They are Qu’ran lawyers not believers, not so much. That would make them takfiri and we know the penalty for that. Seems to be a lot of takfiris running around.

  4. #1 Egypt is like the United State. It needs to split into two parts. The Sufis, Christians and all the other sane people need to live in lower Egypt. The devout Salafis need to live in upper Egypt.

    After 3 generations we can look at crime statistics and the like and see who is better off and who is really devout or just being a religious lawyer so they can be the “elite”.

    Upper Egypt would have the advantages of owning thew Aswan dam. Both Egypts could divide the Suez canal money 50-50.

    My bet is thatUpper Egypt would be dirt poor with a high mortality rate that would be killing each other if they were not declaring jihad on Sudan Lower Egypt.

  5. #2 , teaching honest history is a way to build national pride, which is why the left worked hard to stop teacching honest history.

    Red why do the lefts work for them? They have been working hard for over 100 years to split up the US, now you are saying we need to do what they want and commit national suicide.

  6. @ Richard

    Mainly just musing. The whole lefty the left have California, we keep Texas and see who does better. It is infeasible between the whole splitting families and who gets what infrastructure.

    Still the left is not into social experiments on their own. It is “all in”. A term they borrowed from gaming. The left suffers from the same disease that Salafis suffer from. they don;t like the place they came form, but they want to change where they the country to which they emigrated to match the wreck they left. Liberals left California like a horde of locusts seeking greener pasture in Oregon and Washington. Salafis left the Middle East to go to the America s and Europe.

    I am reading the Book “The Looming Tower” and it seems that many of the Salafis are from upper Egypt which seems to be less cosmopolitan than Lower Egypt. Therefore I got the ideal of separation.

    Separation is infeasible and it is not going to be that easy. This has to be won debate by debate, persuading by the example of ones life, and armed action whenever there is no recourse.

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