Single Femen protestor does schtick at Constantinople airport.

As a point of interest I think that this particular performance art could be ended by just ignoring them since the script seems to depend on the image of a number of large uniformed men wrestling with a single mostly naked female protesting for (usually) quite legitimate rights. If they were ignored a few times or laughed at or applauded and people walked away and no violence or force was used I bet they would have to change the script. Just as a point of interest.

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3 Replies to “Single Femen protestor does schtick at Constantinople airport.”

  1. Whatever you think of these women, they’re incredibly brave (or stupid). No longer is it a group of them in somewhere like Paris. This time we have a lone protester in what is a predominantly Muslim country. That takes some guts

  2. I try to remember that bravery and stupidity look the same from a distance. Considering what we know of Femen (what they protest, how they recruit), I am guessing this is stupidity.

    Point of interest, channeling the actual Vlad, who had limited amount of personnel for policing and no jail or prison square footage to think of, the easiest way to end these types of protests would be to either tazer them for a good 30-60 seconds or pepper spray them; then let them go about their business afterwards.

    Second point of interest, those are some ugly tattoos. But really, any tattoo on a woman is ugly. I miss the good ol’ days when a tattoo meant that you had been overseas at war, or in prison, and an observer knew in an instant which tattoo meant which.

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