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5 Replies to “Pat Condell on the EDL”

  1. Yet another excellent Condell video.
    He must have a challenge staying safe and secure – where ever he may be.
    There are lots of death threats on his web page, he’s right up there with Tommy Robinson.

  2. The BBC hates the EDL, and believes it is the worst form of Nazism. So even of they were so, I would like to know how many little girls they have raped, how many bombs they have exploded in public places, or how many people they have “honour” killed?

  3. Helmut Schmidt: As regards Italy or Greece, there’s no problem. One day the Italians and the Greeks will go home or they’ll integrate into society in the course of time. That’s what we’ve seen for decades. The problem isn’t due to Italian, Greek or Spanish immigration. The problem is due to immigration from foreign cultures, for example cultures marked by Islam.


    Tony Blair has got around to saying the same.

    he wind will change. I believe once we are out of Afghanistan and no longer have troops in Islamic countries, our focus of war will shift to the internal situation.

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