Links and news for July 4 2013 – 2

1. Hi. My name is Mohamed and this is my first wife, Consanguinity and our Son Dumbo.

2. UKIP: Home Office immigration report shows we were right

3. Bradford’s birth defect rate is twice the national average, according to new research

he risk of a child being born with a genetic anomaly rose from three per cent to six per cent if they were born to blood relatives, which accounts for three-quarters of marriages among families of Pakistani descent in the city.

4. Police charge man with 40 criminal offences

Souheil Benslimane has been charged with 40 criminal offences including using a firearm, pointing a firearm, forcible confinement and uttering threats.

5. ‘Bloated elite’ at BBC biased on immigration, says Nigel Farage

6. Some important info accidentally in this article on Vancouver terror suspects

But Volpatti said that as they became increasingly religious, their behaviour changed.


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  1. The statistics are helping our side, but only if people read and understand them.

    The UKIP is right, given what is happening around the world they stand a chance of becoming a major political party.

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