“Islamic Ghaldoun school under Christian Management”

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The discredited Islamic school Ibn Ghaldoun will cease to operate independently, and for the next 4 to 5 years will operate under the supervision of the Christian Association for Further Education in the Rotterdam area (CVO). This will allow Islamic education to continue to exist in Rotterdam. This was announced by the school boards today, Thursday.

The board of the Ibn Ghaldoun school asked the CVO to give Islamic education in Rotterdam a quality boost and ensure continuity for pupils and parents of the school. How exactly the school and the CVO will work together temporarily is now being investigated by the municipality of Rotterdam, which supports the initiative.

The reason for the merger is the negative image, damage to its reputation and social unrest that arose after the theft of examination papers. “The Board and the Supervisory Board consider it desirable that Islamic education makes a new start in Rotterdam. Given our denomination and character it is a logical choice for us to ask the CVO for assistance,” said Ayhan Tonca, director of Ibn Ghaldoun.

The CVO will provide a temporary assistance construction. “The idea is that Islamic secondary school in Rotterdam will once again be able to operate independently within 4 to 5 years. Until then, under the umbrella of the CVO, they will make use of our expertise in the field of quality,” says Wim Littooij, director of the CVO.


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3 Replies to ““Islamic Ghaldoun school under Christian Management””

  1. At first glance this sounded like good news – an Islamic school closes and is now run by Christians. But upon further reading, this is just a joke.
    Christians should not be encouraging anyone to have a Muslim education. They should be opposing the Satanic doctrine of Mohammed and not encouraging anybody at all to be educated in it.
    If you want to teach anyone about the Muslim belief, teach it for what it is.
    In other words ‘teach about Islam, don’t teach Islam.’

  2. Well ain’t that the best of both worlds getting the christian dhimmis to provide legitimacy and enable the spread of the very heresy that will destroy them once the “use by date” has passed. Not to mention the blasphemy against the true God by facilitating a false (indeed Satanic) gospel.

  3. The results of this actions will be interesting to see, what happens depends on the courage and commitment to their faith of the people running the school and the politicians that put them in charge.

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