Links and news for July 4 2013 – 1

First of all, I would like to share the joy with my American friends on the anniversary of the declaration of independence of the USA. The first country in history to be based on the rights of the individual human being and equality of all in that respect. Where the gov’t’s duty was to preserve those rights and be the servant of the people and not the other way around.

May she return to that path as quickly as possible.

1. UK MD tells cancer patient to eat more mangos. (Ben Franklin once said, “A man who represents himself in court has a fool for a lawyer. But what of the man who has a muslim for a doctor?)

2. Geert Wilders tops polls in The Netherlands. (It appears we infidels can learn after all)

3. No wine, no soccer

Hook nosed anti soccer tard

4. Nelson Mandela’s anticipated death inspires his family to create a graveyard theme park for tourists.

5. Home care worker found guilty of raping vulnerable boy

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  1. FYI seems like everyone in the Middle East knows that Al-Jazeera is run by the Muslim Brotherhood and not a liberal’s fantasy of great neutral Arab news outlet.

    “I spoke today with Ahmed Hawary, a spokesman for the June 30 front representing the protest movement that sparked Mohamed Morsi’s overthrow and is now a key part of transition plans. Here’s what he had to say about the shut-down of pro-Morsi TV stations—including al-Jazeera–and arrests of Muslim Brotherhood officials that have followed last night’s coup.

    On the arrests: “There are a lot of allegations and a lot of proof that they have instigated a lot of violence against protesters…They have to at least be questioned about these instigations, about how they promoted violence and about how they cracked down on peaceful protests…We are going to support the idea that nobody should be tried or detained unlawfully. But at the end, this is an organization that has promoted civil war and civil violence. We needed people to be questioned on their role in instigating civil war.”

    On the media closures: “You have concerns all over Egypt that these TV channels that were pro-Islamist would be used to provoke more violence and more clashes. We need to really be calm for the next 48 hours and try to avoid any kind of civil clash. … These are momentary shut-downs.”

    On the security raid and closure of Al-Jazeera’s Egyptian station, Al-Jazeera Mubashir: “We all know that Al-Jazeera is run by the Muslim Brotherhood, especially Al-Jazeera Mubashir here in Egypt. It was going to be used to spread hate messages. And I think we’re in a very critical state right now and can’t underestimate any violent provocations.”

    Hawary added: “Things are going as smoothly as can be, and hopefully they remain that way” – Mike Giglio

  2. The only thing that can improve this hopeless situation is for young Muslims to start abandoning their insane religion by the tens-of-millions and start telling old farts like this to go and fuck themselves. If that doesn’t happen, then they are going to get their wish and face the unfettered fury of the Western World, just as the Japanese and the Germans did in World War II. If I was a Muslim I would take a long hard look at the photos of those two countries after the war and ask myself if I am willing to bet that the West has permanently lost it’s ability to fight back. Do these idiots really think that they are going to win when the gloves finally hit the ice?

  3. #3 The sabbath was made for man. Man was not made for the Sabbath. These theologically challenged people grew up deprived and it shows in their lack of mental acuity.
    See p 89 “The Looming Tower” on Osama bin Laden’s views on music & soccer

    #1 Osama bin Laden treated his own son with honey for hydrocephalus. He grew up mildly retarded as a result. p93 “The Looming Tower”

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