Tommy Robinson may not retweet death threats directed at him….

But we can.

These are a very tiny sample of the hundreds of tweets and FB posts that ranged from the mere vulgar and obviously not serious in intent (although serious in sentiment) to the actual threats of murder. It took me a long time to read the ones I have let alone assemble a few of them here.

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14 Replies to “Tommy Robinson may not retweet death threats directed at him….”

  1. Imagine trying to get your message across and then being hated by those you are trying to protect and receiving vicious threats from those who you are warning about. It’s a lonely place to be and it must be very frustrating. Nevertheless, Tommy soldiers on.
    He is very brave man indeed.

  2. If he can’t retweet them, can he post them anywhere?

    Could he copy the contents and give them to a museum?

    Could he retweet them from Speaker’s Corner on that one Sunday of the month?

    Which law are the police enforcing? One they pulled out of their keister?

  3. Red the police are showing the Judge Dread attitude of many police officers, they are the law and their word is to be obeyed no matter what is in the law books.

  4. The balless and feckless political class are again showing their true colors, that they have become groveling lackeys, lapdogs, and apologists of Islam. The police are getting their orders from above, yes from the UK political elite who have sold their souls and loyalty to other than the UK citizenry. IT is most sickening when one’s elected government prostitutes itself to foreign interests.

  5. What is the police saying? Why can’t he re-tweet these messages?

    I don’t get it. They are open forum posts. How can the police say he can not post open forum statements?

    Is it the police or twitter?

  6. Ox AO

    It is the police. They are saying that Tommy’s re-tweets cause distress. They will arrest him if he does it. This is what happens when you buy police jackboots.

  7. 1. Good for you Eeyore!

    2. The respect I have for Tommy is in direct inverse proportion to the one I have for the corrupt English politicians and police. And no, the Nuremberg defence doesn’t cut it any longer.

    3. Tommy if you read this (or anyone who has contact with him): I think you should collect all the threats, but perhaps also all the positive messages you get and turn them into a book. You surely would find a publisher, and it would become a best seller!

    4. And oh, of course, we CAN post them and we WILL ! So, put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, CaMoron.

  8. Err… so if these posts cause distress enough to justify arresting someone, why aren’t the cops hunting down the miscreants who posted them?

  9. Excellent question Josh Mephisto. I think it’s because the cops (or at least their bosses) are on the side of those who post death threats against Tommy Robinson and those who butchered Lee Rigby in broad daylight on a London street in the name of allah and islam.

  10. It’s a good question Josh Mephisto. Of course in a sane country that is exactly what the police would do, but the modern West is suffering from collective insanity at the highest levels so it probably hasn’t even occurred to them to arrest those sending death threats.

    You’d probably find that the head of the Mutaween in Bedfordshire, or any other county, would regard arresting the threatening tweeters as islamophobic or harmful to community relations. It’s the sort of meaningless nonsense that the cultural Marxists who dominate these sort of posts are very fond of spouting, and it gives them an excuse for their inaction. The once trusted police have been entirely corrupted and have become the enforcers of sharia, particularly at the senior levels. They are now completely on the side of the islamic enemy.

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