Links and news for July 3 2013 – 1

1. Morsi seems to have been under house arrest since last night our time (At least 8 hours now) H/T M

2. Pro abortion counter-protesters chant “Hail Satan” while Pro-Life protesters sing Amazing Grace. (Yes I know they are almost certainly secular leftists mocking the religious notions of the pro life crowd. But can’t you see at least a little irony here?)

3. Abu Qatada to be booted out of the UK by Sunday. Apparently.

4. Popular actress stoned in Samaria

We were driving through Samaria around 10 PM. My husband became aware of rocks on the road, and it was immediately clear what was going on. He called to me to protect the children in the back seat. Just then a stone hit next to me, and not just any stone, that thing was the size of a grapefruit.”

5. Portuguese Gov’t in process of economic meltdown. (as predicted)

6. Arrival of group of Gypsies has impact on British town.

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  1. Portugal has BILLIONS in gold reserves that it can fall back on, thru trade with Germany in WW2 — Portugal traded its tungsten that Germany needed to manufacture weapons, for gold that Germany obtained illegitimately by looting central banks of countries that it occupied, and by stealing from holocaust victims.

  2. cb sashenka the best estimate i can find is that Portugal has 328 tons of gold, that is a little less $9.5 billion at todays prices and the prices will probably fall as they start selling. 9 billion isn’t much to run a country on.

    I wonder how long it is going to take before the printing press money the world is running on falls and brings down the entire world economy.

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