On the RCMP press conference. It likely isn’t their fault.

Yesterday I posted a video of the Q&A of the RCMP press conference which I will repost below. There have been several comments on it as well there should be, and frankly, it should have tens of thousands of incredulous views as opposed to the mere 220 it has at this time.

It needs to be pointed out however, that the RCMP seem to be acting under the same kind of political influence as the people in the other videos below. Why? Thats a matter for speculation. But mine would be pressure from CAIR, CAIR-CAN, The Obama admin in the US, and a multitude of well funded and well organized muslim ‘outreach’ and multiculti groups that the RCMP are well and truly saturated with.

First, the RCMP clip from yesterday:

Now some eerily similar ones from the USA:

This one is a favorite of mine:

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5 Replies to “On the RCMP press conference. It likely isn’t their fault.”

  1. “It needs to be pointed out however, that the RCMP seem to be acting under the same kind of political influence”

    Yes, but every now & then a little push back on the politicians is to be expected.

    It is being a whistle blower. It is important. People should have their finances right so they can lose their job an not go on the dole because craven politicians squashed them.

    “Revolt of the Admirals” comes to mind in th America

    Joe Arpiao comes to mind. If he listened to the mayor of Phoenix or whatever, he would be only arresting citizens and ignoring illegal criminals

  2. Red: Yes all good points. But another thought struck me just a few minutes ago.

    I can’t help but wonder if muslim groups, mosques and so on do the following.

    When they are aware of a plot to kill people, work out a deal with the RCMP or whoever to turn him in on the strict condition that they do not associate the suspects with the mosque that radicalized them or indeed islam in any way.

    Why would they do this?

    Because they know that clumsy terrorist attacks against the kuffar actually slow down the process of creating an islamic state in Western nations. The video clip I posted from David Wood here explains that well.


    So they may want to make deals with the police to stop the ones that probably won’t advance the cause so long as the police do not connect the event with islam, and perhaps even make deals with political leaders to try and curb the media from making the same connection.

  3. @ Eeyore

    good point. Criminals in the mafia and the drug cartels have been doing this for a long time. give up some small fry or competitors to protect their operation.

  4. Welcome to the world of real politics as played by the left, they will order the organizations that are suppose to protect us to allow in members of the groups that hate us.

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