Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Arrested, Army Moves In

Senior Muslim Brotherhood officials are placed under house arrest. The military is securing strategic facilities, Egyptian sources say.

Egyptian sources report that senior officials in the Muslim Brotherhood have been placed under house arrest and the military is securing strategic facilities across the country.

The Islamist group that backed President Mohamed Morsi in last year’s successful bid to win the nation’s first democratic election is also now being scrutinized for corruption in the ranks.

The group’s funding structure and records are being probed, according to a report posted Wednesday by the Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper.

The report also claimed the Egyptian Army has begun to hermetically seal strategicinstallations across the country in accordance with a military “road map” plan that mandates implementation by the army if politicians could not resolve the leadership crisis by Wednesday.

The army reportedly had already taken control of all weapons and munitions arsenal sites.

However, an Egyptian military source denied the reports, saying he instead expected political, social and economic figures to gather for talks on the “road map” plan.

Military leaders are mulling three options for transitional leadership of Egypt, in the fast-approaching aftermath of the almost certain ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, according to the London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper.

The first would be appointment of the president of the Constitutional Court as transitional leader, supported by a national council comprised of military and government officials.

A second option would be leadership by the Higher Military Council.



  1. I have mixed feelings about this one. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some sort of double taqiyya taking place. Maybe I’m just getting cynical in my old age.

  2. What the Egyptaian military needs to do is to ensure the schools, hospitals et all work.

    The Muslim brotherhood came tp [power the same way that Erdogan’s party in Turkey came to power. They got contribution from the people (plus extortion of non Muslims) and used it to provide social services the government was not providing. In the beginning (at least) they were seen as less corrupt than the government.

    Of course all the principals of these parties “do well by doing good”.

    Any government has to tamp down on corruption for the people to prosper. All governments are corrupt to one extent or another. the extent that it is matters. If a government is 30% corrupt and another is 10% corrupt, they are not the same. There are those that say they are, but they are not.

    The Egyptian military needs to tamp down on corruption, which also means that they have to tamp down themselves as well.

    If there is too much corruption a parallel government will emerge. Always does.

  3. What happens in Egypt will determine how soon the war in the Middle East spreads, if the Army maintains power or invites in non Islamist civilians we can expect the MB to act as they are in Syria. If the MB is invited into the new gov they will wait until they can stage a coup of their own.

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