Morsi advised by military that he is no longer president

Cautiously optimistic…



  The statement declared its rejection of what it describes as the US “standing by the Muslim Brotherhood for its own interests.”

The current unprecedented popular movement is a continuation of the January 25 revolution, the statement asserted, and “will achieve its goals of justice and dignity by the struggle of its people”.

“We call on national forces to remain united in its path in the face of any attempt to divide” the statement read.

20:50 A presidential source tells Ahram Arabic that President Mohamed Morsi was informed by the army at 7pm that he is no longer president.

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  1. 21:04 […]quotes from the speech by the head of Egypt’s military:

    The armed forces would never turn a blind eye towards the aspirations of the Egyptian people.

    The armed forces will always be out of politics. The Egyptian people called on the armed forces to fulfill the goals of the revolution.

    The armed forces understood the demands of the Egyptian people. We are committed to fulfilling our responsibility.

    Since November 2012, we have called for a national dialogue, which was accepted by all parties except the presidency.
    We have made many proposals to get out of the current crisis.

    We met with the Egyptian president on 30 June, 2013, during which we rejected any threat to the Egyptian people.

    We were hoping for reconciliation that would fulfill the aspirations of the people.

    However, the president’s address did not live up to the expectations of the Egyptian people.

    So we called for a meeting involving different parties, without excluding anyone.

    Our roadmap consists of:

    1- Suspending the constitution.

    2-Holding early presidential elections. The High Constitutional Court head will be in charge of the country until then.

    3-Forming a national coalition government.

    4-Forming a committee to look into amendments of the constitution.

    Taking measures to include the Egyptian youth in the decision-making process.

    The armed forces call on the great Egyptian people to abstain from violence and resort to peaceful protest.

    We salute the armed forces for their repeated sacrifices for the sake of the county.;-.aspx

    21:10 The speech is over. There are massive celebrations going on at anti-Morsi rallies in Tahrir Square and Ittihadiya presidential palace in Cairo.

  2. Islamic TV channels off air, police arrest crews

    The Muslim Brotherhood-owned television channel Misr 25 went off air along with several other Islamist-run channels, including the controversial Hafez and Al-Nas, shortly after the military statement announcing the ouster of president Mohamed Morsi.

    Police forces went to the Media Production City in Cairo’s 6 October, where the offices and studios of these channels are located, and evacuated them, according to Al-Ahram’s Arabic-language news portal.

    The police also arrested some of the personnel working for these channels.,-police-arrest-crews.aspx

  3. What Richard said.

    aside from thati I know that from what is visible it appears that Obama supported the mb in egypt

    however I have a nigling suspicion there could be more to this than meets the eye. That we may have something to do with these protests and this coup. that we went along with what happened in eEgypt only to allow the jihadists enough rope to appear to hang themselves. Then after they’ve lost all hope for respect, we supported their overthroverthrow. Or at least didn’t oppose it.

    but that’s just based upon intuition and gut feeling. obama appears to be supporting jihadists and nobody errs by taking him to task for it.

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