Links and news July 3 2013 – 2

1. Sex attacks in Egypt reach horrific levels. (I guess the brotherhood are taking all “the right hand may possess” while they still can) Watch the video there. H/T EDL Buck

2. Egyptian military take control of broadcast media

3. Cairo more or less now: H/T EDL Buck

4. Times of Israel live blog of Cairo:

5. Tahrir Sq. more or less now. HOLY COW!

Cairo University

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  1. 19:50 More on the US: AFP reports that US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke to Egyptian defence minister and head of the armed forces, Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, yesterday. AFP says that:

    “Pentagon press secretary George Little is refusing to release any details about the content of the calls. He says U.S. officials at various levels of government have been very clear that America remains committed to the democratic process in Egypt and hopes the tensions there can be resolved peacefully.”

    The US State Department press conference is still ongoing. Spokesperson Jen Psaki says that the US is “on the side of the Egyptian people” and that Morsi should call for an end to violence.;-.aspx

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