Young workers have to make place for asylum seekers.

An Original Translation by Oz-Rita

From The Union Press France

By Lucie LEFEBVRE published 29.6.2013


12 young people, living in the Hostel for young workers of Clacy have got one month to leave the place. Motive: The places are needed for asylum seekers.


They smile, but in reality they are not very happy, Laurent and his mates of the Foyer for young workers (Foyer jeunes travailleurs (FJT)) of Clacy-et-Thierret.  “The majority of us are not here by choice, but we are glad to have a roof over our heads. Unfortunately, this will not last…” he says, with some bitterness.

The twelve lodgers  have just been told that they have to leave the premises by the 1st. August.  “We have one month for packing our cardboard boxes.  They chuck us out, we who pay our rent regularly, because we have to make place for  about 30 asylum seekers who will arrive and who will pay nothing. It’s disgusting!” This situation fills all their conversations, between anger and anxiety for the future. Some of them had planned to leave. This is the case with Laurent who has just found an apartment.  This does not prevent him from feeling solidarity with the others, like Alan who is nearly sure to finish living on the streets.  “I have just finished my studies, I’m unemployed for the moment. What will become of me?”


One more struggle


Kevin has just landed a permanent contract. He will start in September. No question for him to move. “I will stick to this job, I need it, just as I need a place to live. I will find nothing else because I will need a guarantor and I have nobody. The landlord will also ask for 3 pay slips, but as I only start work, it’s buggered for me”, he explains. The association who manages the FJT assured them that they would help them to relocate, but those youngsters dont believe a word of that. Alan sniggers: “It’s obvious that one can find an apartment in Laon in less than a month”.   Johan says regretfully: “One has suggested that I take some shared accommodation. I really dont want that, I like my privacy, but I have a feeling that, if I refuse, I will get nothing else”.

Michel, who has just finished his Tour de France des compagnons, had found a place here to stay while preparing to start his adult life.  “When one is looking for work as I am, or if one is  trying to start a new  life, it’s depressing to be chucked out like filth, when one has done nothing wrong. Life is already a struggle and one accepts quite a lot, but this is just too much.


In adversity, the little group is sticking together,  quite determined to resist  “but peacefully”,  they point out.


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