Links and news for June 30 2013 – 1

1. 16 year old force married despite court order to protect her. (If you count on legal protection when you are in danger from anything islamic, you had better run.)

2. Egyptians burn down the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Alexandria and prevent firetrucks from getting to the scene.

3. China calls Xinjiang unrest a ‘terrorist attack’, ups death toll to 35

On Wednesday, gangs with knives attacked a police station and a government building and set fire to police cars. Twenty-four people died in clashes with police, including 16 Uighurs, state news agency Xinhua said.

4. Interesting as hell. Story here, video below

5. No names given. Do the math. An Australian man has been sentenced to 40 years in prison in the United States for trafficking his adopted son to a global paedophile network. 

The US judge only accepted a plea agreement for the 42-year-old because the evidence was too explicit for a jury to watch.

6. Antisemitic attack in England. Witness named, Arrested attacker is not.

Witness Meir Taub, of Stamford Hill, said: “While we were walking along Dunsmure Road which was closed to traffic, we had hundreds of men, women and children on the road. This car started driving erratically and recklessly and the driver was continually shouting.

7. interesting article by a muslim to his community. Worth the effort.

Yes, every religion has its fair share of extremists but there’s no denying that we’re over-represented in the crazy department, and we have almost a total monopoly on the violent types.

These attackers were converts to Islam, which means they were taught Islam by members of our own community. Terrorists don’t wake up one day and decide they want to kill lots of non-Muslims – their journey to violence starts with the very way they (and we) are taught about Islam and the world around us.

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  1. # 6. Antisemitic attack in England. Witness named, Arrested attacker is not.

    Naming a witness puts them at risk. It has put them at risk in the U.S., if they were testifying against the Mafia and on more sundry criminal cases.

    Is it just about protecting the perpetrators or they have not really given it any cogent thought about the risk to the witness or do they want to subtly (and with plausible deniability) intimidate all witnesses of jihad attacks?

    This convention needs to be discussed in editorials of major papers. If the authorities up to cabinet secretaries insist on naming witnesses but not arrested perpetrators they need to be ousted from office and incarcerated.

    Personally, I prefer that they be banished form the nation (tribe) rather than incarcerated. It is much more humane for us, edifying for them and a great deterrent. Where would they go? To a place that would take them. Of course some countries would take them for propaganda purposes. But i suspect the countries that would have a limited carrying capacity for parasites since they are so poorly run. Subsequently banished people would have rather grimmer circumstances. If no country would take them then we can parachute them into the Tribal territories.

  2. #5 Do the math … No names

    I’ll come out and say it – Muslim.

    Governments with a conniving media will seek to destroy alternative venues of information by controlling the flow of information. 7 out of 10 cases will be Muslim but they will give no names on 9 or 10 out of 10 cases. When the clamor for names is high they will release the names on 2 or 3 more cases and say look, they were not Muslim and try to discredit the alternative venues.

    They in no way will give complete statistics. If they give semi-complete statistics, well less that 1/3rd maybe less than 10% of the population is statistically literate. Probably less than that.

    Still for being statistically illiterate people are still wise enough to figure out what is a credible threat to their community. So the ‘authorities’ are trying to shut of the flow of information.

  3. I”m assuming the Australian pedophile man is Muslim? If he is, how is it that they don’t honor his religion and not allow him to adopt, since they follow the rest of his religion?

  4. Australian man? Is there an Aussie tradition not to give give names to humans? Or is this an Aboriginal tradition or what? I’m so

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