Links and news June 29 2013

1. Pro Morsi forces in Egypt. Demonstrating and preparing for tomorrow. Story here vids below. H/T M

2. ‘Even if you give up all the land, it won’t solve the problems in the Mideast’ -Interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali

3. Still more oddities with respect to the laws of supply, demand and price concerning gold and silver.

4. Femen stages topless protest in Stockholm mosque 

The women burst into the mosque and tore off their black robes to bare their breasts, which were emblazoned with slogans such as “No sharia in Egypt and the world” and “My body is mine, not somebody’s honor”.

5. Real IRA warns sleeper cells have plans to attack major cities in England

Dissident IRA gangs have warned British authorities that they have sent sleeper cells, groups of secret agents who assimilate to British culture before assisting or committing acts of terrorism, to Britain. The Real IRA also warned that they are preparing to attack cities there.

7. The man who attacked Tommy Robinson at today’s walk, was not arrested, and caused the arrest of Tommy and Kev


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  1. #5 The Real IRA can go to Hell.

    It is okay for Irish to cross the Sea and invade Scotland and beat the Hell out of the Picts.
    It is not okay for those same Irish/Scots to come back across the sea.

    Won’t those stupid Real IRA look stupid when Roman Catholic and other churches come back into communion.

    There isn’t spits worth of difference genetically between the Real IRA and the “others”.Except maybe the Real IRA got the short end of the stick in the birth lottery and ended up with too many recessives. Or maybe it is not genes but memes.

    At this point anything that is “really” unjust could be accomplished with the tactics of Martin Luther King and the ballot.

    The Real IRA is a distraction that uses up resources that are needed elsewhere. One day those cretins might wake up to a prayer call at 5 AM in the morning wondering where it all went wrong. But they are so stupid, they will only be able to wonder …conclusions will not be forthcoming to their addled minds.

  2. Via Tommy Robinson’s twitter feed:

    @EDLTrobinson These are the two that attacked Tommy and Kev yesterday in the red is Dan Cole and the one in green cap is Richard Pursell

    “David Smith [email protected] 5h @EDLTrobinson Tommy, do you think that guy in the blue that threw the punches was a undercover policeman? Or did you see him get arrested?”……….”Tommy Robinson EDL [email protected] 2h @daveinupton yes I believe he was a government agitator no police grabbed him they let him walk off? Reports say he was arrested though?”…..”police allowed him to do it. More video to be released of us arguing earlier with them, then police let them walk with us???

    Do I believe Richard Purcell is a mole. . .it’s certainly plausible. Recall David Cameron is a founding signatory to UAF (see bottom of image). UAF thugs demonstrate patterns of violent behavior just like Richard Pursell.

    More reason Tommy may believe the assault was by a government paid agressor/agitator:

    NCAFC March #Nov9 2011 – Police Undercover Snatch Squad or Agents Provocateur ? quote:

    “Video catches two plain clothed guys have a brief word with uniformed officers before staming into the crowd, barging into a young guy, spinning him around, lashing out at him, then as uniform approach they flash a warrant card behind their back. The uniformed officer turns away, the 2 guys escape into the crowd. The crowd shouts “agent provovacteur” and points as they make their way pushing through..
    Briefly the video loses them, but in the final section we see 2 (other) plain clothed guys helped over police barriers by uniformed officers and they join 6 other officers detaining one young guy. 2 of the 6 already present are the ones we originally saw causing trouble. (coincidentally, one resembles Richard Purssell) Snatch squads, or a bit more than that? Agents Provocateur?
    You decide.

  3. The manipulation of the futures market is going hand and hand with their manipulation of the stock markets, the quantitative easing does nothing to help the economy (in fact it hurts the economy in the long run) but makes the stock market seem to recover from the 08 crash. In reality all they are doing in the market is causing a bubble that will burst and cause the stocks to lose most their value. The depressing of the gold and silver prices is going to cause the worlds currencies to tank and possibly be effectively destroyed.

    All of the above will take time to achieve but the end result will be chaos.

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