Links and news for June 29 2013 – 3

1. Roelof du Plessis, 46 shot on his farm outside Pretoria by gang of black intruders

Fears rise that killings are part of a systematic bid to drive white people out of South Africa

President Jacob Zuma known to sing ‘struggle song’ about killing white Afrikaners

2. The British Government had better send their police out and round up these people, all of whom have been caught on camera in public flashing a Nazi salute:

British constable today aggravating Tommy Robinson

The Queen giving the old ZH!

The Pope the old Nazi

The US president giving his Nazi credentials

Michael Jackson leading a raleigh 

The King and Queen of the Netherlands. Those old Nazi bastards. Why aren’t they on trial in Holland?

Well BBC? What are you waiting for? Get these people on a show, sit them down in the audience and ambush them!

3. Tommy and Kev released on bail. I have no idea if this means there are any actual charges. I hope there are and he goes to court. This would prove interesting.

4. The nightlife in Istanbul continues to be exciting. More here H/T M


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  1. #1 as soon as Mandela dies, the killing of white people will ramp up. They intend to exterminate them in SA, and drive them out as this process moves along.

  2. White farmers have been invited to Kenya and a few other countries, which they have accepted the offer because farming in Africa is all they know.

    They should leave South Africa, because people like Zuma do not know how to control themselves. Between apartheid, being male, being poor and being rich, Zuma has lost his soul.

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