Young British students taken to mosques by schools, made to do islamic observances.

Think the same schools will take the muslim kids to a synagogue? A Catholic Church and make them get baptized? How about a lecture by Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins, which in fact really should be part of the curricula.

Halal Pork Chop:

Rochdale News:

Holy Family RC:

(Lots of pics there)

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8 Replies to “Young British students taken to mosques by schools, made to do islamic observances.”

  1. They are being lied to and shown a version of Islam that is presentable to the West. They will learn nothing about true Islam from these visits. It’s all part of a taqiyya-wrapped presentation and it should not be allowed!

  2. I logged into WordPress and my post did not take.

    Anyway, various schools are going to different places of worship. I did not see any pictures of student going to any churches. I just saw kids learning about Islam, Judaism and some Caribbean traditions.

    My point is is that there did not appear to be any visits to a church or to a secularists speaker (as Eeyore pointed out). I read all 3 articles.

    I agree with softly Bob and Eeyore and what they said on the subject.

  3. This is surrender to the Moslems, there have been schools doing the same thing in the States and one that made them recite the pledge of alliance in Arabic.

  4. Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins are idiots anyone that believes something comes from nothing needs to stop learning cartoon physics

  5. @ OX AO

    I don’t know or remember Sam Harris. Richard Dawkins has a little something going for him. the ideal of a meme is a good concept (or at least the popularization of the idea with a nifty moniker to go with it).

    If you are going to take kids to a church, a synagogue & a mosque, they might as well here an atheist too. They will sooner or later. but there are very good arguments for later like after puberty but before entering college or the work force.

    Personally, if God made physics, then by definition he made chemistry, biology & everything else.
    Everything cascades from physics (Sort of like the concept in “9 Princes of Amber” by Roger Zelazny).

    But I agree with Eeyore, they are showing a scrubbed version of Islam without all its full blown gory detail.

  6. Are Muslim students being taken to churches? This is far more important, as Christianity is our faith and is the basis of our culture.

    Islam OTH is a malign foreign import that has been at war with Christendom for a 1000 years , and still is. Moreover, Islamic values and mores are totally at variance with Western values, and are in fact implacably hostile to them.

    There is no case whatever for Western kids to mosques unless it was to show them how deeply racist, mysoginist, and genocidal Islam is.

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