At least 27 people killed after ‘knife-wielding mobs’ attack police stations and government building in western China

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Daily Mail:

  • Mobs stabbed people and and set fire to police cars, state news agency said
  • Killed 17 people before police shot dead 10 of the attackers, said Xinhua
  • Unrest said to have erupted at 6am local time in restive Xinjiang region
  • Remote western region is home to a large Muslim Uighur minority

By Kerry Mcdermott

PUBLISHED: 07:41 GMT, 26 June 2013 | UPDATED: 08:56 GMT, 26 June 2013

At least 27 people have been killed after gangs armed with knives attacked a police station and a local government building in a remote region of western China today, according to state media.

The Xinhua agency said mobs in the Xinjiang region – home to a large Muslim Uighur minority – set upon buildings in the township of Lukqun at around 6am local time, stabbing people and setting fire to police cars.

Nine police officers and security guards and eight civilians were killed before police opened fire on the attackers, leaving 10 dead, regional Communist Party officials told the agency.

Restive: Violence erupted in the remote western Xinjiang region, where there were protests in 2009 (pictured) after riots pitting Muslim Uighurs against ethnic Chinese left nearly 200 dead (file photo)Restive: Violence erupted in the remote western Xinjiang region, where there were protests in 2009 (pictured) after riots pitting Muslim Uighurs against ethnic Chinese left nearly 200 dead (file photo)

The reported unrest in the region was the deadliest since July 2009, when nearly 200 people were killed in riots pitting Uighurs against ethnic Chinese in the region’s capital Urumqi.

The reasons for today’s attacks were not immediately clear.

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10 Replies to “At least 27 people killed after ‘knife-wielding mobs’ attack police stations and government building in western China”

  1. “The reasons for today’s attacks were not immediately clear”

    Genius. And I see spencer and geller have been banned from entering by the Sharia Government of David Cameron.

  2. I suspect the Chinese are racist. Show me a people, who are not. Yet, the Chinese also bend over backwards to accommodate ethnic minorities when it comes to food (halal) before it was ever popular in the west. The Chinese are also trying to integrate the minorities.

    So while I have heard of accounts of Uighurs not getting management jobs at factories, I have also seen that prominent Uighurs have been promoted into the Communist party. The most prominent one defected to the west and now lives in the Washington area. It sees to me she could have used here influence to promote many Uighurs to administrative positions. Instead she defected. IMO Uighurs could get the management jobs, etc, (not in a year but within a generation) except with all the protests, knifings and what not the Communist party just does not trust them.

    Does the Communist party keep tabs on Christians and Buddhists? Affirmative. I have seen it. I walked into the Jade Temple in Shanghai and there were 2 men sitting at a simple wood table on wooden chairs. Their nondescript clothes and placement of the table and everything simply did not fit. They were mind the store. There was no prosletizing or fiery speeches going on. Nonetheless they were watching. Whenever I saw a Monk out and about, they did not seem to have a care in the world. They were not concerned with the police, the military, secret police or anybody. But they are not preaching secession or murder of other ethnicities. So they have no worries.

    Chinese are religious. It runs deep. It is not the I have to go to the temple every day or every week type of religion is nonetheless it is strong. Christians no doubt have a harder time of it opening churches since it is not considered typically Chinese such as Buddhism since it does not have such a long and deeply entrenched history. So I can’t really speak to that. But the Buddhists I saw had no problems.

  3. The Han Chinese are moving a lot of Han into the area to dilute the influence of the Uighurs, the Uighurs don’t like having the Moslem tactic of conquest by immigration turned against them.

  4. @ Richard.

    I think the Chinese tactic is a failure. If you have only 1 kid and many minorities have more, I do not see how that works in the long run.

    Speaking of minorities in China, it is ludicrous that some belly ache about being ruled from Beijing like the Manchus or Mongols. They were happy enough when they ruled all of china but now they are no longer on top (the Manchus as recently as 1911) all the sudden empire is a terrible thing.

    The Chinese Communist party does many things wrong. But they are no where near as bad as everyone makes them out to be. They are an oligarchy. Their children are princes and princesses just like in the States or anywhere else (Duchess Pelosi and princess Chelsea come to mind). What I don’t see the communist party is as inherently racist. I do seem them as inept & hidebound much of the time. Property rights are weak, but in the states they are getting weaker. Thank you Supreme court (being forced to sell your property for Urban renewal or just to increase the tax break so some hooked up business interest can build. Your property can be paying commercial real estate taxes or residential taxes and not be blighted, but because the city can make a little more, they force you to sell. I have seen some rough places in Beijing (the NW outside of the 2nd or 3rd ring road made me feel queasy) and seen some rough people who I would not want to meet. they looked desperate (They (a dozen or so) were hanging out in a shell of a 2 story bodega type building wondering where their next job or meal was going to come from). I still felt safer in Beijing than in NYC, Los Angeles or Chicago, Dallas or Saint Louis or Miami.

  5. Red the one child policy applies to the minorities as well as the Han.

    If the population of an area is 10 million and you move 5 million in you make a big change in the demographics and culture of that are.

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