Links and news for June 21 2013 – 1

1. Daily mail speculates on geopolitical consequences of the Syrian conflict. They make it a potential WW3. I can’t see how WW3 isn’t already happening and has been for many years now.

2. Eight more people busted in Spain for promoting jihad, arranging training and so on. This is the THIRD major operation against Al-Qaeda linked groups in recent weeks.

3. Woman Imprisoned, Tortured By Muslim Extremists for Doing Christian Work

According to reports, another Christian woman has been imprisoned recently in Somalia, where Sunni Islam is the official religion and where there is a widespread assumption that all Somalis are born Muslims.

Apparently the woman, known only as “Fatima,” was arrested on Monday, May 27, for taking part in underground Christian work for the last 10 years. …

Reports say that she has been beaten, questioned and tortured by Somali authorities and the authorities say that they will keep her in prison for three months.

4.  Egypt Islamists mass in Cairo as tensions mount

As a senior leader of the Brotherhood, banned but tolerated under Mubarak, Morsi vowed to be a president “to all Egyptians” in a bid to allay fears of partisanship.

But since taking office, he has squared off with the nation’s judiciary, media, police and most recently artists, and his opponents accuse him of giving the Islamists a monopoly over public institutions.

5. Asylum seeker from Eritrea imprisoned and raped a woman EIGHT YEARS after he dodged charges for similar sex attack due to lack of evidence


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  1. Before World War I there were two general Balkans Wars involving Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, turkey & Serbia

    Before WW2 there was Spain, the Japanese invasion of China, the Russian, invasion of Finland.

    Now I am sure the intelligentsia, academia and other on the left will catch up in 2 or 3 years. I am not sure what kind of spin they will put on it, but i know they will be wrong.

    But depending how you count, your definition of war (in general) and world wars, this is #8 or 9.
    they count the America Revolution, the War of Austrian succession, and other as world wars. Fighting took place in the old World (Europe), the New World, India and other places.

    The Cold war is/was also a world war. It was fought on every continent mainly thru proxies and millions died.

    I ajm really upset that there are so many people in Washington many with fresh scrubbed faces and newly minted degrees in whatever, who do not have the faintest clue. then there are the aging ones like Samantha Powers, Crass sunsteen and others, who have been around awhile but somehow have never got round the block and are making so many mistakes.

  2. Someone has a different definition.

    But at least it has criteria that anyone can use. Unlike those a holes in Washington that tell us that they are going to do border security again after failing to in 1986 & 2006.

    I think Senator McCain should be called Senator “Lucy” McCain for obvious reasons.

    At least will he pulls the football away, again, he says “My friends” Makes you feel better huh?

  3. Illegal immigrant form Eritrea will serve 20 years in jail for raping 2 women and then be deported to south Africa?

    Is south Africa a dumping ground for undesirables or are South African politicians that dense?

    “Give us your rapists, your murderers, yearning to breathe free”

  4. I don’t think we have WW3 but the last chapter in the Jihad/Crusade war. This is the Last Crusade. Islam is finished, and will be dumped in the trash can of history.

    In the meantime enjoy the spectacle – we all are part of it.

  5. Let’s add some more countries to those involved immediately before the main act in WW2.

    That would be Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania. Of course the communists were are super cool with this. that is until the Berlin Wall came down and the soviet union went defunct in 1991. Seeing the writing on the wall apologists to genocide like Noam Chomsky made up excuses like the USSR was not the right flavor of communism or never was communist. but that is not they were saying in the previous 6 decades.

    As many here have point out a World War is not neatly packaged. There is not this flurry of declarations of war by countries and then they go to one camp or another camp. In actuality it is messy. So we could very well be in a general war and the left is in … well DENIAL!

    I knew that the good ole Soviet Union invaded 4 countries and too land from Romania. I did not know about this uprising. I have a lot of books on WW2. Including those coffee table type books produced by Time-Life. Interesting they never mentioned it.

  6. We absolutely are in a world war. We just won’t admit it.

    Rules nerds would say it’s WW IV but for the sake of common perception it’s WW III.

    The enemy doesn’t have the capacity to build their own mechanized weapons systems so they use terrorism, guerillas, agitation and various espionage and propoganda techniques.

    The question is weather it’s the specific cabal of the Muslim Brotherhood or the ideology itself that is to blame. No not really. If there was no Muslim Brotherhood then there would have been no Luxor Massacre, no 9/11, no Fort Hood shooting and no Boston Bombing.

    End of.

    If we wiped out the Muslim Brotherhood would the jihad continue? Doubful- They’d still be driven by the ideology to be violent imperialilstic bigoted a-holes. But they’d be unorganized a-holes.The terrorists would have no one to fight on behalf of anymore.

    However I strongly suspect that by now every leader on the planet* wouldn’t mind one bit if that experiment was tried.

    *incliding those in the middle east. Hell- especially them.

  7. We absolutely are in a world war. We just won’t admit it.

    There are reasons for that.

    1. It keeps the enemy disunited. If we admitted that we were at war with Islam, we would unite the whole Islamic world. By not admitting that we are at war with Islam, it allows us to use Islamic countries as bases to engage who ever we thought was necessary. Much less costly in men and money.

    2. By not admitting that we are at war with Islam, we put individual Muslims in a quandary. That is why we wont allow “Major” Hasan to use a defence that he was acting on behalf of Islam. As fpr the brutal murderers of fusilier Lee Rigby, their defence will not be given any credence. They will be treated as being insane. In effect, we will be putting a question in the “peaceful” and uncommitted Muslims, particularly ones in the West, that the Western world regards Islam as a form of insanity.

  8. As far as I can tell the main reason we don’t admit we are in a war of survival is because of denial, most people are in denial that a religious war can be fought in modern times, just as they are in denial that the left isn’t out to help everyone.

  9. The policy of not admitting that we are at war with Islam, in fact vehemently denying it, is linked to stating time and time again, that Islam is the “RELIGION OF PEACE”. They go hand in hand.

    The advantages are numerous. The obvious one is that it allows us to base our forces in one Islamic country to destabilize an adjacent one. Afghanistan/Pakistan is one that comes to mind. Iraq was invaded and a pliant regime put in place. Iraq has now several Allied bases from which we can continue our effort to bring the ” light of freedom, democracy and womens rights” to the rest of the region. Ditto Afghanistan, This country will also have to accede to our “request” of having several allied bases for the forseable future. In addition, shaky regimes in te a Arab world whi will fall to the Jihadis, such Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, are desperate that we place our vases in their countries. That is their only hope of avoiding a “regime change”. Best of all is Saudi Arabia. A few years back, this sham of a country was strutting around the world, pretending that it could order America about. I’m fairly confident that the Saudi ruling chieftains are dreading a far worse fate then that of the shah. They are now so frightened, that they must be on theoir knees to America. Thats why we don’t hear so much from them, except when they are buying billions of military hardware they dint have the ability to use. Its good for our industry though, as it reduces the per item cost.

    On the domestic front, stating that Islam is the “RELIGION OF PEACE”, ties the hands of Western Muslims, so they cant even protest/demonstrate in a peaceful manner. That leaves a few here and there, like Hasan at Fort Hood, and those who slaughtered fusilier Lee Rigby to lash out. Its a symptom of powerlessness in the face of ruthless and adroit enemy – that us. We have fast bound all Islamic countries and our own Muslims, while we punch them at our leisure.

    This is the only reason I can think which explains why ALL western countries without exception, have adopted the same policy towards Muslims in the West – that is they are peaceful, and Islam is the “RELIGION OF PEACE”. It also explains why the BBC, an arm of the government will follow the government line, as well as give the EDL a rough time. The EDL is likely to upset the boat, and we cant have that.

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