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4 Replies to ““The Danish justice system is a joke” -Rape victim of illegal muslim immigrant”

  1. ‘If he goes back he could easily end up with the terrorists’. That line is either a cloaked threat or just a reality. It is also why you don’t want him in Denmark. I can’t believe that. Is that going to be an excuse now? ‘If you get rid of me I will become radicalised’. This guy will come back to haunt Denmark and if he does it again the judge should be put on trial for being his accomplice.

  2. If it was my daughter the scumbag had raped, I can assure that I will wait for him patiently until the day, he (all too soon) will be released from jail.

  3. Let him end up with the terrorists. The sooner he goes to Allah. The war in syria and elsewhere is not yet over. Send him back he’ll fall in with the wrong crowd.

  4. If they keep him in Denmark he will rape again and again until he is once again sentenced to the pen for a couple of years. Prison sentences rarely stop rapists from continuing to rape.

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