Why the 2nd amendment?

Robber Threatens to Kill Shop Owner’s Family During Stickup – He Was Later Pronounced Dead From Single Gunshot Wound

NEWARK, N.J. (TheBlaze/AP) — A Newark shop owner shot and killed an armed robbery suspect.

Authorities say 28-year-old Mustafa Sheffield of Newark entered the store Monday afternoon and ordered the owner to fill a backpack with money and gold while threatening to shoot the owner’s family.

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9 Replies to “Why the 2nd amendment?”

  1. In Canada, the police and the Crown Counsel would absolutely ruin the life of anybody who did what the Newark shop owner did. They would tie him up in court for years, charge him with everything under the sun, bankrupt him, and likely send him off to jail when it was all over. Hell, if he couldn’t prove that the guy was about to shoot him at that very moment, he could end up doing serious time for murder.

  2. In New England the same can occur, the man is in danger for a long time. Remember the left hates the idea of self defense and will attack anyone who defends themselves, witness what is happening in Florida to Zimmerman.

  3. – Richard

    It is happening to George Zimmerman, isn’t it. I’ve looked into the Zimmerman case and it’s pretty clear that things happened pretty much as George said they did. His story has stayed consistent since day-one and there were lots of aural-witnesses as well as one eyewitness as well as lots of physical evidence. And no matter how many times Fox News says that Zimmerman kept following Trayvon after the police told him not to, that’s not what happened. That’s just a damn lie. I wonder if they won’t threaten George with 25-years solitary-confinement in a supermax (for his own “protection”), then force him to take a lesser sentence for manslaughter or something. He is being railroaded in order to satisfy the black voters, nothing else.

  4. I wasn’t aware that FOX was in on the lynching, I know the big three were but thought FOX was trying to help get the truth out.

    All of the evidence says Zimmerman did what he was suppose to, including walking away until attacked. The left has chosen Zimmerman as the sacrificial lamb to get Florida’s stand your ground law repealed. The left hates the idea of self defense and is doing all they can to get it removed. I remember how back in the early 70s a lot of states said that if you home was broken into you had to retreat out into the back yard rather then use violence in self defense. Sensible people have been working since then to restore the right of self defense to our legal system.

  5. – They did a whole segment on it. That beautiful blonde cheerleader, Megan something, announcer. You’d think after all this time the Fox announcers would at least understand the simple details of such an important case. Zimmerman was not in his car when he made the call, he said, “OK”, when the police told him not to follow, and then he headed straight back to his vehicle. Martin would have been on his left coming back along the sidewalk between the two rows of condos back doors when he met George Zimmerman. I wouldn’t have blamed Trayvon for being a little indignant, but he did not have the right to attack Zimmerman and bash his head against the pavement, and no sensible person could ever think otherwise. This is a true kangaroo court.

  6. Yeah, the left is out to hang him and if the jury (all female) says he is not guilty there will be bloody riots.

  7. Any time the perpetrator is brought to ‘room temp’ not just the intended victim, but our whole society wins. One less dirtbag to ruin someone else’s life.

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