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5 Replies to “Belgium to face vote on sharia law being implemented in the waffle state”

  1. This is the ultimate perversion of democracy:

    to allow the abuse of the system by an imported Mohammedan proletariat to replace the existing order, along with the natives, is a crime on the peoples of Europe.

    If they have the numbers and they don’t get their sharia statelet, they will whine that “this is not democracy”, which they reject anyhow because its ‘unIslamic’.

    The remnants to the natives must be so dhimmified that they look on in awe towards their subjugation. Never in history has treason taken such a toll…..

  2. And yet, the left wingers keep howling for higher and higher immigration numbers, especially from Muslim countries. The left is an unthinking berserker machine set in motion years ago by men long dead. It makes no sense at all, yet it’s going as strong as ever, sucking energy from any grievance it can turn to it’s own advantage.

  3. Never in the course of history has so many and so much been betrayed by a few traitors.

    To betray one’s ones civilisation is far worse then any thing a Quisling would have done.

  4. DP go back to ancient Greece and you will find the betrayals of ones culture but it hasn’t happened much since.

    Chris you are right, the problem is that the left isn’t really intelligent so they can only follow their holy writings and the programs their prophets started.

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