Videos on the mosque mass stabbing

So a Somali muslim attacks a bunch of other muslims and a police officer in the UK, and RT finds some spin doctor to try and make it anyone’s fault but the people who did it, in fact even treating the idea of blaming the person who does the attack with scorn and steering the issue towards ‘islamophobia’ and making it the fault of what few remaining British policies that do not actually give primacy to islam and muslims living in the UK.

See the pattern? All violence whether it is terrorism by muslims towards the rest of us, or even a personal conflict or internecine issues within or between mosques themselves are to be used as propaganda to further the agenda of islamic manifest destiny.


Another video, this one much closer to an actual news report but still used as an excuse to show how wonderful and peaceful the islamic community is using this as a contrast. Yet you hardly ever hear about mass stabbings at synagogues etc.

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  1. Firebombed Somali Islamic Centre:Building Was In Bad State,Plans To Modernize But No Funds To Pay

    It seems that the council will rebuild and modernise it. So the arsonist Somali Muslims have a 2 for 1 – they demonised the EDL, and got a brand new centre as well.

    Muslim spokesmen have been desperately trying to pin the blame on radicalising Muslims on our foreign policy. But just as the political elite reject the idea of Jihad and violence in Islam, they also categorically reject the idea that it has anything to with our policy of “bringing freedom and democracy” to Islamic lands.

    For years now, I have seen this policy as deliberate, with a view to achieving total victory. The West has never been satisfied with military victory – it is too easy in this case. The West, particularly the USA ad the UK, are never satisfied until the ideology of the enemy is discredited and crushed.

    The fact that Muslims are going on a random spree of attacks in the UK, is indicative of the pressure they are in. They know they are defeated, and these are just the last gasps of an ideology that is thrashing out in its death throes.

    Unfortunately, it could take a long time.

    In the meantime, it is essential to be pleasant to all, including Muslims.

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