Scots police smash two ‘large’ paedophile rings

Notice how once again the media is used as a tool, not to disseminate a truth to the public with which they can make intelligent choices for themselves, for their communities, or political policy choices, but the facts are used to deliberately detract people from what they need to know. This is totalitarianism. It doesn’t use gulags to force people to maintain a political narrative but relies on deception instead.

I would be willing to bet that none of the perps of any of these gangs are Christian Pakistani or Copts etc. But that the only thing they all have in common is an ethic and set of motives and values rooted in Islam.

If we are not allowed to know that, then we are committing the nations children to sexual slavery with our own votes and resources.


SCOTTISH police have smashed two “large scale” child sex networks involving a “significant proportion” of ethnic minority offenders.

By: Ben Borland

Assistant-Chief-Constable-Malcolm-Graham-revealed-the-crackdown-on-child-sex-networks-in-Scotland Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm Graham revealed the crackdown on child sex networks in Scotland
Further details cannot be disclosed for legal reasons as the cases are still to come to court, however the investigations contain chilling echoes of high- profile prosecutions south of the Border.In another, utterly appalling example of child abuse, two 13-year-old Scots girls were groomed and raped by a network of “numerous” paedophiles across Britain.

This operation resulted in 37 arrests and the identification of 108 further potential victims and perpetrators. Again, all of those involved are still awaiting trial.


However, a police source added: “There are groups of foreign nationals involved in this and maybe respect for women isn’t seen as being a high priority in their country of origin.”

The two Scottish probes follow similar operations in England, which saw members child grooming rings jailed. In particular, cases in Rochdale, Oxford and Telford where Asian and North African men preyed on vulnerable white girls sparked widespread outrage.

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7 Replies to “Scots police smash two ‘large’ paedophile rings”

  1. Look out for Andrew Neil to get busted for Paedophilia, or Sean Connnery.

    One thing to look out for is the establishment distracting with false equivalence.

  2. “significant proportion?”

    Total proportion, although the scum that rule us and their instruments will as usual be desperately trying to find some of our own perverts to stick up in order to demonstrate that this has nothing to do with the book of the ‘Religion of Peace’ or gender slavery or honour killing or female genital mutilation or consanguineous breeding or anything to do at all with an unenlightened seventh century theocratic political system that they seek to impose upon us in order to keep their own heads in the trough.

    I have no interest whatsoever in the melanin content of the skin of one of my fellow human beings, but I do have a deep and abiding interest in what is going on between their ears, and what they are trying to impose upon me and mine, and I do find that the ears of those who seek to subjugate me have a very low melanin content indeed.

    I know that I am not allowed, by law, to ‘hate’ anything or anybody that is not me or mine; hence those of mine who impose that constriction upon me, and simply do not understand the absolute intensity of my hatred for them, would wisely fear for their future if their grip upon me and my people should ever loosen.

    And, yes. I know that I am but one tired old man pissing against the winds of time.

    But what if I were to become legion?

    Seneca III

  3. hisscaliness | 3 hours ago
    You were here before the Irish came? Amazing. You can recall those jolly times when landlords had those non-discriminatory notices in teh window – “No Irish”. And those happy, non-racist days, where Jews were so charmingly portrayed in John Buchan’s books. Oh, and he had a happy way with describing black people too. Those books were very, very popular you know. No, there’s never been any prejudice in Britain, and if there was it was all the fault of those pesky foreigners, eh? It’s very typical of a certain political persuasion to blame the victim for the crime perpetrated against him.
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    The level of self hatred among English liberals is only topped by their parochial view of Eurabia. It’s not just England but also Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, France,Serbia, Norway…you could say Christendom.

  4. What amazes me is that many people can not see what is in front of them. I was at Glasgow green on Saturday for The Stone Roses gig. There was no multiculturalism ,integration or whatever you want to call it. 50,000 people, 99.9% white. It is obviously a cultural thing and maybe a blast from the past as the bands hay day was 1989. Draw your own conclusions but it is evident to me that society is splintering.

  5. Multiculturlism will always fail, the societies that try all end up splintering which causes massive violence and eventually open warfare that exists until one side gives up and moves.

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