Links and News for June 16 2013

1. The process as the punishment. The IRS scandal goes much deeper and is selectivly enforced against Christians and not muslims etc.

1a. Fox: 

1b. Gateway Pundit:

1c. Atlas Shrugs

2. A collection of photos of some of the kinetic weapons and chemicals used on protestors in Turkey.

3. A confusing story (Aren’t all news briefs where muslims and terror are involved these days) about a threat to bring down and aircraft and asylum seekers.

4. Some news links on the knifing at a UK mosque by a Somali Muslim

4a IBTimes

4b BBC

Tommy Robinson faces hostile and prepared BBC interview

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  1. Christ what a two faced slimy hypocrite the interviewer is.
    Just love the way every time his lies and inaccuracies about the EDL and its leader are pointed out, he either ignores the rebuttal and repeats the lie, or carries on, like he’s reading from some script and can’t deviate or think for himself.

    Pathetic, what did we learn, other than if you’ve ever done anything even slightly wrong, ever, you should be condemned for your past, and no one should ever listen to anything you have to say, ever, about anything.

    I guess the next time Jack Straw is on this program, this guy will do nothing but go on and on about how he used to be in the Socialist Worker party, under that despicable c***t Healey, and that all the things done by that vicious, nasty Communist organisation are his fault.

    What, they’ll not even mention it, surely not?

    Pathetic interviewing, by a fat slug of the establishment.
    He probably looks out of the window of his big detached house every morning, sees no black muggers, Islamic extremists, and wonders to his fat, ugly leech like self, “what’s all the fuss about?”

  2. when talking to Tommy, BBC always starts from “the man who calls himself..”, as he is the man with two faces and questionable identity. so the interviewer immediately talks from the position of moral high ground. it is low tactics and one can directly point it out – “trying to compromise me this way, – doesn’t look good, our listeners aren’t so fool”.
    then one can say – “it isn’t about who I am or my ambitions.. but about the truth and the future.. so let us switch to the subject”.

  3. Saudi women get jail terms for trying to help Canadian

    A Saudi court handed two Saudi women 10-month jail sentences on Saturday for seeking to help a Canadian woman who wanted to leave her Saudi husband with their children, human rights activists said.

    The court also banned Fawzia al-Ayuni and Wajiha al-Huaider from leaving the kingdom for two years, rights activist Aql al-Bahli said.

    The two women were convicted of the Islamic sharia law offence of takhbib, or incitement of a wife to defy the authority of her husband, Bahli said.

  4. This is a sight you will very rarely see Andrew Neil falling from one poorly researched accusation too another. The seasoned etonian politicians fear this guy because when he is good he can actually deconstruct the character of the senior elite manipulators of this country.He read a list of (BBC researcher prepared) allegations.And up until midway i thought Tommy was going to struggle.
    After midpoint it was the interviewer who was struggling.After Neil’s attempt to destroy Tommy as a person he merely ran through a tick list of BBC politically correct anti EDL leftist propaganda.Tommy casually fended off each comment with a common man approach … written notes … no prepared statements.he does it “on the fly” that’s one of the reasons they find it difficult to handle Tommy.
    He is speaking from experience, they are being paid to do a job.He is emotionally involved they are detached.He is passionate they are distant.Neil’s accusations started to sound like ..What about this …and this!
    I have noticed Tommy does that thing, that when he gets a question that is obviously set up to try to catch him out he looks and smiles at the camera and mumbles exactly what is on his mind and it is absolutely devastating to an interviewer. Because Tommy is communicating with the viewer on a subliminal level.The great Andrew Neil (the political BBC’s best) probably thought this working class guy was going to be “easy” compared to the shiester slimey politicians he usually deals with.
    No champagne for the BBC mandarins that night for this poor showing.And this interviewer really is the best the leftist BBC has to offer!

  5. “Alleged?” What? The guy who was on youtube with bloody hands jabbering terrorist propoganda is “alleged”?

    Maybe this vermin could have given Mr. Robinson the same consideration he gave the dirty f-ing murderer who was caught literally red handed.

    This interviewer is “allegedly” dishonest, incompetent and amoral.

  6. That wasn’t an interview, that was one man sitting in a chair throwing mud in the face of another man, without giving him even the suggestion of a fair hearing. Good! Let the “fair-minded” British people take a look at what real prejudice looks like and let them decide if they like the style of it. I’ve never in my life seen such biased journalism. It was like something out of a Nazi show trial – you know, the one where the guy just screams at the defendant for about twenty minutes before he is led out of the room to his death. Maybe some Brits will wake up for a second and wonder if this is how they want things to be…’cause this really is how things are now…

  7. Classic example as to why the government will never attempt to disband the edl or bnp,who else apart from the blatant obvious would they be able blame for these atrocities?

  8. Blindguard, the BBC is much like the CBC. Good documentaries sometime but politically it is anti-Western – on the side of the jihad. Makes we want to spit.

  9. I have seen that bastard interviewer before. Tommy made him look like the be-suited voice of the state and its political correctness, that he most certainly is. He is all that and of course he probably lives in some leafy suburb far far away from the concerns of ordinary people. So a hypocrite as well.

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