Anonymous makes French video targeting Sharia for Belgium

This is interesting. The vigilante hacker group called, ‘Anonymous’ has made a video threatening one of Anjem Choudary’s affiliates, Shariah for Belgium. It will be interesting to see what they actually do, what the various Muslim brotherhood affiliates will to in response and whether youtube will remove all the Anonymous videos as a breach of the terms of service on threatening or intimidating behaviour.

*NOTE: I do not endorse anonymous but had this translated and subtitled it in English because it is an important document. I made the best effort to translate accurately. If there are errors please point them out and if they are serious I will re do. However no attempt was made to distort the message of Anonymous. This was translated and posted here in the spirit of making available any news item that should be known to the public.*

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7 Replies to “Anonymous makes French video targeting Sharia for Belgium”

  1. The last phrase is “attendez-vous à nous” …..”expect us”.
    This and variant “attendez-vous à nous voir” is a stock phrase of Anonymous

  2. If anonymous is attacking EDL they are on the wrong track, but this video is a beginning of awareness and insight in this group called anonymous….I am not sure what they have done, is there a list of their actions somewhere? WIKI?

  3. Interesting, I read that as a call for open rebellion against the Moslems and the quislings in the Belgium government.

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