Deadly bus bomb targets Pakistani women’s university


Deadly bus bomb targets Pakistani women's university

At least 11 students died Saturday when a bomb detonated inside a bus serving a women’s university in the southwest Pakistani city of Quetta, officials said. The bomb exploded after the girls had boarded and were leaving the school.

At least 11 students were killed and around 20 wounded when a bomb planted in a women’s university bus exploded in troubled southwest Pakistan on Saturday, officials said.

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  1. Plane diverted to Glasgow Prestwick Airport after ‘problem’

    An Egyptair plane from Cairo to New York has landed at Glasgow Prestwick Airport after being diverted.

    BBC producer Nada Tawfik, a passenger on board, found a note in the plane’s toilet with the words “I’ll set this plane on fire” and a seat number.

  2. From the old countries I had an aunt trained as a seamtress. My mother was trained as a beautician. That is pretty backward thinking and we are talking Europe in the 50s. Where I live in the states outside of college prep courses, girls took Home Economics and boys took shop courses. That was the blue collar track and it did not stop until the mid 1980s. Inertia and all that.
    Things are better now (including myself). I think. I could see someone like Wolfgang Puck in a new version of “Home economics” and not think the worse of him. I would have steered my ids away from something like Home Economics. Now I say you can go into any field. Just be very very good at it and you will prosper be you a plumber, electrician, chef, etc. the jihadis never got the memo.

    I have a question for the G D F jihadis. If women stay at home minding the home how do they learn new ways of weaving, food preparation food preservation, appliance use, …?

    they wait for a get together of several families and the women get together and try to down load any new information in a few hours? Seems like a kind of clunky way. Who teaches women how to read? their husbands? Does he have time to do his job and teach his wife anything new?

    I take it that these women went to a segregated university. and yet this is not enough for the retards that the Taliban. Retard is the wrong word to use. Something that has flame retardant on it, while it resists flames, the flames eventually can consume. If you are tardy you arrive but arrive late. The Taliban are not retarded. They are never going to get it! God just did not give them the brains necessary to figure out how to live as productive, decent people.

    God does not want to hear their prayers, because when he hears them, he wants to divorce himself from them. God cannot stand people permanently mired in innequity, which the Taliban are.

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