Plane diverted to Glasgow Prestwick Airport after fire note



The plane from a distance with police on foot next to it The plane was escorted by two RAF Typhoon fighter jets to the airport following an what was described as an incident on board

An Egyptair plane from Cairo to New York has landed at Glasgow Prestwick Airport after being diverted.

BBC producer Nada Tawfik, a passenger on board, said she saw a note with the words “I’ll set this plane on fire” and a seat number.

Egypt Air flight 985 – which was travelling to JFK International Airport – touched down at around 14:30 BST.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed that RAF Typhoon aircraft were called following an “incident on board”.

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4 Replies to “Plane diverted to Glasgow Prestwick Airport after fire note”

  1. UK Police: 5 From Diverted NY-Bound Plane Claim Asylum

    Scottish authorities say that five passengers from a New York-bound EgyptAir flight that was diverted to Britain over an apparent threat to destroy the aircraft are now seeking asylum in Britain.

    […]Speaking from Cairo, EgyptAir CEO Tawfeek Asi identified the passengers as Syrians, although the Scottish police spokeswoman said she could not provide any information about their nationality.

  2. Five passengers claim asylum in UK after their U.S.-bound airliner made emergency landing escorted by fighter jets at Glasgow Prestwick Airport

    “The flight from Egypt to the United States was diverted to Prestwick Airport in Ayrshire yesterday after the note,was found in a toilet………..”

    Read more:\

  3. I wonder what the reason is for the asylum requests? Are they legitimate or are they trying to get into the country for other reasons?

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