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9 Replies to “EDL’s Tommy Robinson Is ‘Great Guy’ Says Fox News Presenter Brian Kilmeade”

  1. – Bob

    Yes, yes, yes! And haven’t they been supplying the rebels with “non-military” aid for over a year now, anyway? Barack Obama is obviously in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood and he doesn’t seem to care who knows it. But, you know, the average person is just not willing to put in the time to understand the situation, so they simply do not realize what being on the same side as the Muslim Brotherhood means.

    Any information that has been deemed “right wing” is ignored vigorously by the educated classes. I know any number of highly intelligent, highly educated people who are so profoundly brainwashed that it is as if they were deaf and blind. They know that their fellow “smarties” will ostracise them the minute they veer from the prescribed path, and they are too afraid to even admit they are afraid. Try getting tenure at a university with the label “right wing” stuck on your chest…

  2. I hear you Chris and you’re right. There will come a day when Leftists will hang their heads in shame. They will embarrassed at their politics and wonder why on Earth they were so cowardly as to believe what they did.

  3. You guys are not getting the bases of being a so called ‘liberal’ or what should be called a socialist.

    The bases of socialism is an unconditional love of an idea. This means to never have to say you are sorry because no matter what you do or say you will always be forgiven.

    For the true loyalist of their belief, part of their job is to divert wrongful acts toward the other side.
    An example: The National Socialists were not socialists were are right wing zealots

    the seeds for this is already in the making:
    hard core leftest are already saying Obama is worse then Bush:


    Here is how the logic will go: (It is idiotic and stupid)
    Bush is right wing worse then bush is to the right of right wing.

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