Links and news for June 14 2013 – 1

1. BBC staff being harassed, intimidated and it would seem, blackmailed with threats of violence to family in England ahead of Iranian ‘election’. (H/T Wrath of Khan)

2. Council Offered Child Rape Victim Urdu Language Lessons.

I will post the entire comment by Right Angle below as I cannot say it better.

One victim of the paedo pimps was offered Urdu lessons by the Local Authorities on the utterly fatuous grounds that such would “enable her to engage in education”.  Does that mean anything at all?  Maths tuition, computer studies, geography lessons would have enabled her to engage in education.  A typical Left tactic – a response that is actually a non sequiteur of such dimensions that any opposition is stunned into silence.   How do you argue against a non sequiteur without being red herringed into quite another argument?

If the Authorities meant anything, it was that Urdu lessons might make her more compliant and helpful to her Muslim owners in the future.

3. Turks and Kurds duke it out in Amsterdam. Hopefully while building just fantastic restaurants! (H/T Golem Bar)

4. Wait, isn’t this how The Matrix got started? Or at least motivated?

5. Sky news has this post about the US assisting Al Qaeda (the ‘rebels’) in Syria against Assad due to chem-weapon use. Yet the victims all look strangely secular and western in this clip and I distinctly recall a recent news story about Al Qaeda being caught bringing Sarin Gas into Syria via turkey recently.

6. Pat Condell: Singling out 1 billion muslims (H/T EDL Buck)

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  1. “They also reveal that one young white girl, known by social services to have been sexually abused by Asian men from the age of 12, was offered language lessons in Urdu and Punjabi by Rotherham council. The aim was “to engage” her in education.”

    From Eeyore’s link.

    UnF_cking believable. From a liberal perspective the authorities were delinquent. Using their logic they should have taught the 12 year old how to fetch the Muslim’s slippers and how to go down on them too. These people in Social Services need to be tried for capital crimes in a government court.

  2. Red:

    I am inclined to think that they should be tried in a peoples court. The government of that country has become utterly corrupted in the most dictionary sense of the term.

  3. I am good with a people’s court. My point is that these people think that they are “good” people.

    They are not!

    They reason that they have not robbed or assaulted anyone. but they have not upheld the law. Thus their is no justice. It is not just an act of omission. They prevent people carrying out the law. that is an act of commission. they frustrate people trying to seek justice and try to silence them. At times they arrest the victims or their supporters and not the perpetrators.

    If a person can be sentenced to life imprisonment for rape, then if you cover up a rape you should be sentenced to life imprisonment or worse.

  4. Guys I like to think of the left as neo-feudalist, they want to be the Nobles and Royals of a new feudal system, they want the rest of us to be the serfs that have to do what they are told.

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