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6 Replies to “Sacrificing Our Daughters: On the Psychology of Islamic Rape-Gangs”

  1. Medieval kings used to offer their young girls to appease the dragon, who otherwise would have devoured the whole town.

    Now we have a slightly different situation – same young girls, but the dragon is green.

    Note the colour of the dragon that St George dispatches.

  2. I watched the video twice, but I still don’t get it. What do all those MOHAMMEDS have in common?
    Er… was it something to do with Buddhism, or something?

  3. He’s wrong about it not being anything to do with race though.
    The only reason Muslim’s, like blacks, have been allowed to get away with their bankrupt hateful culture is because they are not white.

    This need to elevate other races and their sacred “victimhood” to a status of being beyond criticism is why these things have been ignored so long, and are explained away again and again.

    If a white group was saying even a 1/10th of the things that are said in mosques, they’d be, and have been prosecuted immediately.

  4. The left doesn’t care about the race of the favored group, all they care about is having something to use to beat the west over the head with.

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