“Strangely enough, no special labels have been issued for Chinese products made in Tibet”


Germany Uses Special Label to Target Israeli Products

by William Bigelow 11 Jun 2013, 1:48 AM PDT 18 post a comment
The German government of Angela Merkel has approved of a plan to put special labels on products made by Jews in the Israeli land of Judea and Samaria. Germany joins 13 other EU members in adopting this practice. The desire to punish Jews who live in the two areas is ironic, for more than 23,000 Palestinian Arabs work in those communities, many of them for Jewish-owned companies.

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12 Replies to ““Strangely enough, no special labels have been issued for Chinese products made in Tibet””

  1. PFUI DEUTSCHLAND PFUI !!! GERMANY ! I am ASHAMED for you! I used to defend you, but no more, Hitler knew exactly where to find HIS “willing executioners”, and nothing has changed except that now you don’t follow the orders from the “Heil Hitlers” but from the “Allah-U-Akbarists”.

    I expected better from you Merkel! Pfui!!!

  2. Strangely enough indeed since China’s invasion of Tibet was an aggressive operation against a sovereign country, neither of these two points being similar to the Israeli experience.

    And spearheaded by Germany too. Irony upon irony.

  3. “Germany has given its support to a plan by the European Union to label products manufactured in Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, Army Radio reported Sunday.”

    “The report cited an official government document in which the German government has stated its stance on the issue for the first time. The document was issued in response to queries by German opposition members.

    “In our view,” the document states, “products should be labeled ‘Made in Israel’ only if they are manufactured within the [pre-]1967 borders.”

    Currently, all Israeli products exported to Europe, including products manufactured in Judea and Samaria, are marketed as “made in Israel.”

    EU Ambassador to Israel Andrew Standley told Army Radio that the efforts to single out products from Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria reflect the growing European impatience with “Israeli settlements.””

    The EUSSR placing economic sanctions on a democratic nation. What next, arming the ‘rebels’?

  4. Dhimmi vollidioten. Hopefully in the future “a growing impatience” with Islamization and eurodhimmification will be stronger than a euromuzzie and eurosocialist “impatience” with “Israeli settlements”. Otherwise the Germans will soon be re-labeling their own products as “made in Turkey”, or even “made in ISCE” (Islamic socialist caliphate of Europe).

  5. The Germans putting distinctive lables on jewish things so people can easily recognize them.

    We’ve seen this before from them.

    Figures that the Germans would jump at the opportunity to do this. It really really does.

  6. The reason the neo nazi’s never got anywhere in West Germany is they couldn’t march in step, now that East and West are rejoined they are learning to march in step.

  7. They still will not put Halal stamps on some food products.
    Which goes against many religions to eat Halal foods.

    I tried looking for the symbol these countries are using has anyone found it?
    I know it should be the Yellow star of David but I doubt they would be that stupid.

  8. Merkel is like a moth flying into a bug zapper. Her sense of history can’t be that bad that she would even get close to this issue.

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