Links and news for June 11 2013 – 4

1. Listen to this radio program from Australia about the completely out of control islamic immigration into Australia and the seeming contempt the government has for Australia itself. H/T Oz-Rita (money quote: Afghan EMPLOYMENT FIGURE: 9%)

2. Mother throws baby down 6 story rubbish chute 

3. Convert from Islam calls in to popular Arabic language Christian TV show:

About the show: Brother Rashid is a former Muslim, now a Christian Evangelist in Morocco dedicated to converting Arab Muslims to Christianity.

4. An article on the US economy of concern

5. McGill Awards Honorary Doctorate to Anti-Israel Academic.

Butler specializes in the fields of feminism, queer theory, political philosophy, and ethics, and has devoted much of her academic career to the struggle to eliminate the state of Israel.

6. Soldier who reads conservative materials now faces charges.

7. Satire site, the People’s Cube illustrates a few Obama truths

8. It seems efforts to tarnish the NSA leaker are well under way. Not all that unpleasant to watch though.

9. Another terror-tard sues the UK govt for large cash. Any bets?

10. Cheaper better batteries really do make a giant difference.


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  1. – re the new batteries…

    You know, it it wasn’t for the radical Muslims and the radical lefties, the world is actually on a pretty groovy path at the moment. The global middle class is growing faster than at any other time in history, and the refinements of inventions, as well as the new ones, is truly astounding. They might actually solve problems like world hunger and clean water and cheap energy. Too bad about the radical Muslims and the radical leftists. Our big problem is people who think there is a big problem – that the world must become Muslim or that it has to become socialist. Damn them to hell…

  2. A few weeks back I wrote

    I’m confident that Islam’s days are numbered. Many Muslims in the West and in the Islamic world, must be wondering about Islam. It has not given them power and wealth as promised. It hasn’t given them victory but continuous military defeats. There is no respite from the “eye for eye” ethos -Muslims are being killed in the hundreds due to Islamic tit for tat attacks, or to drone attacks. The economy, what there is, is going down the tubes, food shortages and even famine is possible. Education has gone down the drain as well. This is what Islam has brought them.

    Now how do we as individuals respond to Muslims in the West. If we respond to individual Muslims with contempt or hatred, then what they see is that we too, as individuals, operate to the same ethos of Islam – tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye. Therefore they see no reason why they should abandon Islam.

    What I’m suggesting, that as individuals, we extend kindness to Muslims we see or meet- a smile rather then a scowl. They must be under severe mental pressure, of that is there is no doubt.

    Defeating Islam militarily is not enough. We have done that. If we can take a majority of them away from Islam, then that will be total victory. I think that Muslims will leave Islam, and become Christians, as they see that as the way. But it does require force from the secular forces of the West, and charity and compassion from us individuals. It is a two pronged strategy.

    Muslims see the war that the USA and its allies have waged since 9/11, not as some war to bring freedom and democracy to them, but a new Crusades i.e., a war the Christian West is waging on them. That is their perception, right or wrong. They also see that they have lost the war. Their leaders are so defeated that they cant even protest against the drones that are flying over them. Simultaneously, they see the economy, what there was of it, going to down the tubes, and there already are food shortages. Given that the West will use the excuse of “austerity times” to stop aid, particularly food aid, times are going to get very difficult – hunger is a real possibility.

    Will many Muslims abandon Islam? I’m sure they will. Muslims were conned by Islamic ideologues into thinking, that as Muslims they will win every battle and war, and rule in comfort over the the rest of the world, paying them Jizya. The reality is so different that it must hurt their minds. Osama bin Laden knew the minds of his people He knew that they always vote for the strong horse. Islam was already losing, thus forcing bin Laden to do something that would ignite a fire in Muslim minds. Unfortunately for him, all it has done is to bring the demise of Islam even closer.

    Muslims will abandon Islam.They will not turn to atheism as that it totally repugnant to them. Nor will they turn to religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism as they are too alien to them. Besides, they see these faiths as weak horses that they have already defeated. They will turn to the strong horse.

    In the meantime i pray to God that He will rescue Muslims that He created from the wrong path. In this new phase in the war, please be kind to Muslims, and smile at them, rather then avert your gaze.

  3. Moroccan held in Italy for ‘planning terror attacks”

    Police in Brescia near Milan on Wednesday arrested the alleged head of the Italian branch of a Belgium-based Islamist organisation on suspicion of planning attacks in the northern Italian city. Anas El Abboubi, alias ‘Anas Abdu Shakur’, born in Morocco in 1992 and living with his family near Brescia since 1999, had allegedly scouted out two targets on Google Maps, Brescia’s train station and its main military barracks, police said.

    Police said they intercepted an email to foreign members of the organisation applauding the recent fatal attack on a British soldier in London and a copycat stabbing of a French soldier in Paris. “There can be no peace with us,” he allegedly said.

    The 20-year-old Moroccan reportedly told police he had “hated the West” since being “taunted as a member of the Taliban after the September 11 attacks in America” and recently vowed to “die for Allah”. El Abboubi was also becoming increasingly interested in Syrian Islamist fighting against the regime there and had recruited others to join him in supporting their cause, travelling to Syria if necessary.

    As well as Brescia, he was planning other attacks in other parts of Italy as well as France, police said. He and the recruits were “united by a common hatred of Jews and a desire to fight against Western countries,” a police spokesman said. “Via the Web, the Moroccan passed on translations of jihadist literature and acquired instructions on using explosives, weapons and fighting techniques,” he said.

    Police seized papers written by El Abboubi “including verses in which he sings the praises of jihad against Italy and France and leaves a sort of spiritual testament containing a collection of his translations about the legitimacy of holy war,” the spokesman said. During the six months he had been under surveillance before his arrest, police said, he also reportedly made no secret of his admiration for a compatriot, Mohamed Jarmoune, arrested in March 2012 and sentenced last month to five years and four months in jail on terrorism charges.

    El Abboubi recently set up the Italian chapter of the Web-based Sharia4 organisation, a movement started in Belgium in 2010 and inspired by the jihadist preacher Omar Bakri, police said. Sharia4 has been banned in several European countries. El Abboubi was arrested at his home in the small town of Vobarno outside Brescia on suspicion of training terrorists and inciting religious and racist hatred, police said. Another two people are under investigation on suspicion of committing the same crimes. Police had been watching El Abboubi around the clock, and picked him up while he was on his way to take his school-leaving certificate. Anti-terrorism police also searched the homes of four Moroccans near Brescia, 100 km east of Milan, and around Pordenone, a city in northeastern Italy.

    www ( dot ) gazzettadelsud ( dot ) it/news/english/50111/Moroccan-held-in-Brescia-for–planning-terror-attacks-.html

    pic :

  4. UK – ‘We are going through torture’: Family face losing £200,000 home in landmark ruling after grandfather’s terror conviction

    Family face being evicted of Manchester home under anti-terrorism laws
    Munir Farooqi convicted of attempting to recruit undercover officers
    Family’s supporters say they are being punished for another’s actions

    The family of a grandfather convicted of attempting to recruit two undercover police officers for jihad in Afghanistan face losing their £200,000 home under anti-terrorism laws.

    Former Taliban fighter Munir Farooqi, 56, was given four life sentences in September 2011 for running a ‘recruitment centre’ for home-grown extremists to go to Afghanistan to kill British troops.

    His family have now spoken of their ‘torture’ as they face being made homeless and penniless if he loses his High Court appeal next month against his conviction for soliciting to murder and disseminating terrorist literature.

  5. TURKEY – Lawyers rail at police response to Turkey protests

    Thousands of black-robed Turkish lawyers stormed out of their courthouses Wednesday, shouting about the rough treatment police dished out to their colleagues amid Turkey’s biggest anti-government protests in years.

    The rallies by clapping, chanting jurists added a new twist to the nearly two weeks of protests that started in Istanbul and spread to dozens of other Turkish cities. The protests have shaped up as the biggest test yet in the 10-year rule of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Islamic-rooted government.

    Police and protesters mostly retrenched Wednesday after fierce overnight clashes in Istanbul’s Taksim Square — a hiatus before Erdogan was to host talks with some protesters later in the day.

  6. Tunisia sentences topless Femen protesters to 4 months behind bars

    Three women who staged the first ‘Arab world’ FEMEN stunt in Tunisia on May 29 have been sentenced to four months behind bars for indecency and attacking public morals. The topless activists had been protesting in support of an arrested Tunisian woman.

    The two French nationals and one German had stood by the capital’s courthouse shouting “Free Amina,” in support of the Tunisian who had been arrested and was later tried for protesting the policies of hardline Islamists.

    One of the three lawyers for the prosecution, Monaam Turki, said their controversial act could have been considered an attack on state security “under article 71 of the penal code, which carries a one-year prison sentence.”

    Three other members of FEMEN staged a similar protest outside the Tunisian embassy in Madrid on Wednesday to demand that their fellow activists be released.

    protest at the tunisian embassy in Sweden today :

  7. Update on “2. Mother throws baby down 6 story rubbish chute” story

    “Mother who threw her newborn baby daughter 40ft down rubbish chute at block of flats while suffering from post-natal depression is jailed for two and a half years”

    Read more:

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