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17 Replies to “Extremely important film on the Soviet slaughter of innocents in the Ukraine.”

  1. The socialists believe that genocide is necessary in order to bring about Utopia. For the Soviets it was all middle classes, the classes that develop individuality and individual thought. They wanted a nation of perfect factory workers.

    The National Socialists wanted to exterminate jews, gypsies and the mentally and physically handicapped. Before the war they exterminated the handicapped and castrated the mentally incompetant.

    If Hitler had won the war the next stage in purification would have been to exterminate all germans who’s relatives had inheritable health issues. If you were a 6 foot tall blond haired ubermench but your great uncle had a heart defect- into the gas chamber with you. Millions upon millions of Germans were to be exterminated after the war.

    Islam is pretty much the same. They believe peace can be achieved ONLY when everyone has the same belief system. They have to wage war and genocide until everyone is exactly the same. And like the other two genocidal ideologies, it ramps up by degrees.

  2. After 15:00 The founder of socialism called people who weren’t ready for socialism “racial trash” that would have to be destroyed. Funny how we don’t hear that quote as much as that “from every man…” line.

    “The classes and RACES too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way…They must Perish In The revolutionary HOLOCAUST.”

    Karl Marx.

    That would make an interesting t-shirt.

  3. “The classes and RACES too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way…They must Perish In The revolutionary HOLOCAUST.”

    Even know the video is mostly correct this quote is taken out of context. Marx was talking about capitalists and how they deal with the weak.

    My favorite quote from Engels in Neue Rheinische Zeitung January 1849
    The Magyar Struggle. This article was quoted in this movie.

    This is were Engels believed in doing away with the rich, the poor and the racial trash:

    “The general war which will then break out will smash this Slav Sonderbund and wipe out all these petty hidebound nations, down to their very names.

    The next world war will result in the disappearance from the face of the earth not only of reactionary classes and dynasties, but also of entire reactionary peoples. And that, too, is a step forward.”


    Reactionary people = conservatives. The soviets thought of as the white army as an example.

    Sonderbund = A uniting of many groups mostly Christians that were against centralized control in Switzerland. They were governed by a Conservative leadership.

    Slav Sonderbund slang meaning all conservative groups in Slavic nations.

  4. I don’t see how:

    “The classes and RACES too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way…They must Perish In The revolutionary HOLOCAUST.”

    is taken out of context. Those who practiced it appear to have taken it out of context as well.

    Stalin engaged in a class and national genocide in the Ukraine before Hiter commited his genocides and engaged in class and national genocides after WWII. The Soviets engaged in class genocide thruought it’s evil tenure.

    Pol Pot engaged in class genocide to the degree that anyone wearing glasses was killed.

    The same thing happened in China during the “cultural” revolution.

    Mass murder is inherrant to socialist ideology.

  5. The only way the far left can maintain power is through force, when they decide to stop using force their slaves revolt. Unfortunately the left in the west prevented the Russians from decommunizing the former Soviet Union, that has allowed Putin and other members of the old Soviet Elite to once again take over Russia.

    Not that I think Putin wants to bring back communism, he wants to bring back the old Russian Empire with himself as Czar and the oligarchs as the nobles.

  6. BTW – I should point out a little history.

    After Engels wrote this People’s Radical Party likely formed the black hand and executed the king of what Engels calls the Slav Sonderbund and they took charge. People’s Radical Party wanted to unit all of Serbia but the unrest in the south with Islam and Austria made that imposable. Bosnia and Herzegovina, officially still part of the Ottoman Empire but occupied by Austria. Serbia trade had to go through Austria which Austria attempted a trade embargo’s. They they most likely ordered the Black Hand organization to execute Franz Ferdinand of Austria in order to unit everyone to fight against one enemy Austria.

    that’s the rest of the story

  7. Truthiocity

    I am not disagreeing with you and it is true Marx and Engels wanted the rich and the poor targeted and destroyed that quote was taken out of context though.

    For our side it is important to be accurate. This whole movie was discredited by academics because of that one quote. Of course they would have found something else.

  8. The Ukranians themselves remember. I forget the exact number but it was in the million either 3 or 7 million.

    The was no drought but there was a famine. As the saying goes droughts are natural but famines are mostly man made. Grains was exported for hard currency so the communists could modernize/industrialize the Soviet Union. Starve people to sell their grain for money to buy capital equipment for factories. All hail the communists! M_r_ns!

    Of course the execrable left denies the Soviet Union is communist. Starting in the 50s and then with a large rush for the exits after the Berlin Wall fell the left is giving us excuses. The Soviet Union wasn’t communist or it wasn’t the right flavor of communism.

  9. Red don’t forget that most of the people who starved were owners of fairly large farms who had their food and seed stolen, the famine was deliberate to break the power of the rich farmers and stop them protesting the confiscation of their lands. Prior to communism the Russian Empire exported grain, during communism the USSR imported food, Now they are exporting food again.

  10. Richard says:
    “Unfortunately the left in the west prevented the Russians from decommunizing the former Soviet Union”

    Beyond lip service what did the left do? Academia certainly published apologias. But did they send money or provide organization?

  11. Ax Ao

    Interesting Engels quote. I did not know he was such a jerk. I thought of him as Marx’s silent partner, a hanger on. But it figures. He just another little rich boy who knows little joins a revoulution and advocats killing people like Che. He was the pampered son of a doctor.

  12. Che was also a murderous piece of filth, he loved to imitate Al Capone and beat people to death with a baseball bat.

  13. Yeah he was a homicidal asshole, what I think is the best statement about Che is the fact that 100 black Green Berets ran him out of Africa, and he never knew they existed.

  14. Excellent film. Especially the parts about George Bernard Shaw being an apologist for Stalin’s mass murders. He also supported eugenics – yet is considered to be a hero in the UK… This was the first time I’d heard about these aspects of his life.

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