Links and news for June 6 2013 – 2

1. As you read this, try and remember the hysterical shrieks about G.W. Bush and how he was destroying human rights in the US, stole elections, ruined the constitution etc. It is such powerful irony that I have to wonder if the Democrats or the far left within the Democrats actually planned this so that when people started to level factual accusations against the Obama admin, they would sound like lame repetitions of the false accusations against President Bush. “Bush lied, people died.” Remember that one?

2. More evidence of price manipulation of metals. India prohibits sale of gold.

3. Muslim Zionist says that anti-Israel is in fact, antisemitism. Israel Today story on this.

4. Gatestone: How the US is helping rebuild the Ottoman Empire.

5. VOTERS have made clear their anger at the European Union for curbing Britain’s power to limit immigration, according to a Sky News poll.

6. Is that a grenade in your pocket or are you just surprised to be in an Israeli hospital?

Thank you Richard, Oz-Rita, EDL Buck and many of you who sent this material in. It is appreciated.

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  1. UK – Selfridges robbery: 6 ‘Men in burkas’ in ‘smash and grab’

    Six men armed with axes have carried out a “smash-and-grab” raid at London’s Selfridges department store.

    Police said the robbers, reportedly dressed in burkas, smashed glass cabinets to steal high value watches.

    Two suspects were later arrested when they came off a moped and members of the public stopped them fleeing.

    The store in Oxford Street tweeted no-one was hurt in Thursday’s robbery. The value of the stolen watches has yet to be established.

    video on the page :

  2. Muslim envoy asks Pope Francis to take ‘step forward’

    VATICAN CITY: An envoy from Sunni Islam’s highest seat of learning, Al-Azhar in Cairo, raised the prospect of restoring ties with the Vatican on Friday but called on Pope Francis to take “a step forward” by declaring that Islam is a peaceful religion.</b<

    "The problems that we had were not with the Vatican but with the former pope. Now the doors of Al-Azhar are open," Mahmoud Abdel Gawad, diplomatic envoy to the grand imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed al-Tayyeb, told Italian daily Il Messaggero in Cairo.

    "Francis is a new pope. We are expecting a step forward from him. If in one of his addresses he were to declare that Islam is a peaceful religion, that Muslims are not looking for war or violence, that would be progress in itself,” he said.

    A ceremony in March in which Pope Francis washed the feet of young inmates in Rome, including a Muslim girl, was “a gesture that was very, very much appreciated” by Al-Azhar, Gawad said.

    He said that if Francis were to accept an invitation from Coptic Orthodox pope Tawadros II to visit Egypt, he could also visit Al-Azhar.

    “At that point, relations and dialogue would be restored immediately,” he was quoted as saying.

    But Gawad ruled out the prospect of talks between the leaders of the world’s three main monotheistic religions mentioned in Vatican circles, saying Al-Azhar “will not take part in any meeting with Israelis.”

  3. On number 2 the Marxists in charge of the worlds banks will do anything to prevent people from learning the truth about the worlds economy, unfortunately for them and us the worlds economy will collapses no matter what they do.

    They should have cut taxes, government payrolls and spending back in 08, they didn’t and the situation has gotten much worse, now it is too late for the three steps to do any good.

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