White Muslim convert threatened to kill Prince Harry just hours after brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby

…but this has nothing to do with Islam.

Daily Mail:

  • Ashraf Islam, 30, handed himself into Hounslow police station on May 23
  • Just hours earlier Drummer Lee Rigby had been killed in Woolwich
  • Islam could face up to ten years in jail after pleading guilty to the offence

By Steve Nolan

PUBLISHED: 20:46 EST, 1 June 2013 | UPDATED: 06:30 EST, 2 June 2013


A white Muslim convert threatened to kill Prince Harry just a day after the shocking murder of a soldier in Woolwich.

Ashraf Islam, 30, formerly known as Mark Townley, confessed to police that he wanted to kill the third in line to the throne, who has served in high profile tours of Afghanistan.

Islam walked into a police station in Hounslow on May 23 and told detectives that he wanted to murder the prince hours after soldier Lee Rigby, 25, was killed.


Confession: Ashraf Islam, formerly known as Mark Townley, left, admitted threatening to kill Prince Harry, right, a day after the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich last month

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14 Replies to “White Muslim convert threatened to kill Prince Harry just hours after brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby”

  1. I always like it when a convert changes his surname to ‘Islam’. That way,when the MSM ignore the perpetrator’s religion and just refer to him as an ‘extremist’ or even just a ‘man’ as in the following report


    then at least the word ‘Islam’ does get a mention. There are no chances of the culprit being accused of being a right-wing extremist or a freedom fighter. It’s all in the name.

  2. I wonder, how it make sense in he`s own mind!

    Maybe it is true that your IQ drop by 50% when you convert to islam.

  3. y´know, it actually might be good for europeans to convert en masse to pisslam, they would actually start reproducing! Maybe ushering in a new age of domination.

  4. said “I wonder, how it make sense in he`s own mind!”


    Islam hold over people is a twisted concept of sex

  5. It’s a sad fact that if that prince had been killed, it would have woken a lot of people up who, as long as it’s only the Lee Rigbies of the world who get sliced to ribbons, will remain dormant for another 100 years or so.

  6. Tom Billesley, Michael Adebowale’s,Woolwich “suspect’s” friend Abu Nusaybah charged with terror offence

    However, neither of the two jihad butchers of Woolwich, Michael Adebowale or Michael Adebolajo were charged with terror related offences – just murder and attempted murder.

    via ITV: Two Woolwich gun suspects bailed by police

    Two men who were arrested in connection with the murder of soldier Lee Rigby have been released on bail pending further inquiries, the Metropolitan Police has said.

    The men, who are aged 42 and 46, were held on suspicion of being involved in the illegal supply of guns in relation to Drummer Rigby’s death.

  7. From clean cut to tattoos and a switch to a violent religion. I’m not impressed with the Anglican church. So if a person’s church (assuming he was Anglican) isn’t providing guidance, a future or guidance and your life is going nowhere, then a person might be tempted to switch.

    They would be wrong on so many counts, but I could see where a person might be tempted.

  8. Red

    People who convert to Islam are first of all disturbed in some form or other. At the most simple level, these people require an ideology that removes any requirement of thinking. Thus they fall for or to communism, socialism, Nazism, or Islam.

    Most of Christianity Catholic, Protestant and most certainly Anglicanism, are highly differentiated ie they operate on many levels. For the most part, a message of love and reconciliation is preached, and that is more then sufficient. But for extraordinary times a different message appears.

  9. PS But even the latter message is leavened with love and reconciliation. This necessary, as anything else would poison our own well.

  10. If an attempt is made I will put my money on Harry.

    I know several years ago William said he wanted to join the SAS, did he ever receive the training.

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