Police inspector found guilty of fraud

The Bolton News:

GUILTY: Insp Mohammed Razaq GUILTY: Insp Mohammed Razaq

A SENIOR Bolton police officer has been found guilty of making a string of fraudulent insurance and mortgage claims worth almost £46,000.

Insp Mohammed Razaq, aged 53, was in charge of the Bolton West neighbourhood police team until he was arrested and his office was raided by police in May 2011.

He was today found guilty of six counts of fraud and three counts of money laundering at the end of a six-week trial at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester.

The fraud charges, which he denied, relate to a series of claims for damage on properties that he owns and mortgage applications.

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  2. Wake up call – Remove all Muslims from the police force, especially the higher ranks. Remove all Muslims from senior government positions, remove all Muslims from the military, remove all Muslims from positions in the judiciary – in fact remove all Muslims from public office!
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    There is no compromise, no time for excuses, no ifs… and no buts.
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