Three men suspected of committing an act of terror receive financial Compensation

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The three men were suspected of planning to assasinate the controversial artist Lars Vilks during a grand opening of the art gallery “Røda Stenen”  Photo: Anders Wejrot






Three men suspected of committing  an act of terror receives financial Compensation.

Three men accused of attempting to assassinate Lars Vilks in the autumn of 2011 were recently awarded financial compensation by the Attorney General.

The three men were arrested in Gothenburg in autumn 2011 on suspicion of conspiracy to commit terrorist crimes. These charges was later changed to “conspiring to commit murder”.

All three men were suspected of planning to assassinate the controversial artist Lars Vilks in connection with a grand opening celebration in “Røda Sten” art gallery. The police also closed Røda Stenen in order to search for a suspected bomb.

– “During the investigation it has become clear to us that this was not related to any plans to assasinate Lars Vilks,” said Chief Prosecutor Agnetha Hilding Qvarnström to GØteborgsposten (newspaper) in February 2012.

Will compensation

The three men were in placed in custody but was eventually just convicted of “illegal possession of knives”. And now they receive financial compensations from the Swedish state.

According to TT ( one of the suspects asked for half a million Swedish krones (75 thousand US dollars) in compensation, the other two demanded over a million Swedish krones (150 thosand US dollars) each in compensation for their suffering.

Now, the Attorney General has decided that one of the three men to wil be awarded SEK 135 000 (20 thousand US dollars). The two other two gets close to 130 000 (19,5 thousand US Dollars.



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  1. The investigation has shown that the men had a plan, written down on A4 paper, and had compiled information about Vilks and his activities.

    Telephone tapping have shown that they together planned to buy a car, knives, and to look around in the area around Röda sten. And undercover officers have shown that they had reconnoitered in and around the gallery.

    The 24-year-old read the al-Qaeda terrorist magazine Inspire, where you are taught how to make bombs and other ways of killing us ‘infidels’, and also get tips on targets (Lars Vilks has been listed several times).

    The men who, according to logs in their computers, closely followed Vilks blog, had compiled information on the then current biennial in Röda stens art gallery (Vilks had said on his blog that he would participate), by entering precise details of the exhibition, and as I said: reconnoiter the area around Röda sten. Which they did both on the 8th and 10th of September, and in the building on the 10th September 2011.

    Investigation, and images from surveillance cameras etc, have shown this, and also that the men had taken notes, saved newspaper clippings and many times visited the target’s blog, which of course proves that they had a great interest in Vilks.

    Lars Vilks has blogged quotes from the suspects seized notes:

    “Take different routes to get there.”

    “Have extra clothes.”

    “Shave on saturday morning”

    “Go by car or take unregistered taxis.”

    “Fix tickets to the arrangement.”

    “Memorize the building.”

    “Leave the toys outside, then after one o’clock or something, when you have been inside, go out and get them”

    “Do not take tram or bus to get there or to get from there.”

    The 24-year-old man was born Somalia and came to Sweden in 1993. He is a Swedish citizen and has previously been convicted of driving without a license.

    The 26-year-old man born in Tanzania, his father is from India and mother from Somalia. He is a Somali citizen, father of a young child, came to Sweden in 1997, and has a permenent stay he too. He is a previously convicted of threatening witnesses not to witness, and other illegal threats.

    The 23-year-old man was born in Iraq and moved to Sweden in 1996, where he now has citizenship. He has previously been convicted of several crimes, including threats to officers, after threatening to kill the staff, and their families, in the Norrtälje Prison where he was serving a sentence for robbery and attempted aggravated robbery. Has been taken custody over, under the law “Lagen om vård av unga”, because of an “accelerating criminality and narcotic abuse.”.

    The 25-year-old man came to Sweden from Somalia in 1991 and is now a Swedish citizen. He has “had trouble getting jobs” and was denied social assistance in 2009, because he was not considered “available for work, as he was not actively seeking employment.” In 2007 he emigrated back to Somalia but returned the following year to Sweden. He is also a Swedish citizen, unfortunately.

    One of the men who were prosecuted for attempting to assassinate Lars Vilks is the suspect of an investigation about unlawful threats. Alledegly he has threatened Gun Holmertz, a Left party social worker at Caritas, who in an article on June 18, criticized the radical Islamists taking over the association Afrikas horn in Hjällbo:

    “Allah has said to me, and i am a Jihad Warrior, that i will kill you, and you do not know when it will happen, but it will happen.”

    (Per Gudmundson, who i have cited, is an editorial journalist at one of Swedens biggest newspapers SvD)

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