German Apostate of Islam warns the West

Yes I posted this last week when it was first translated. (Thank you Oz-Rita) but this particular video is so important that anyone who has not seen it really needs to, and therefore I am posting it again. If you have seen it or aren’t sure if you have then please click play and then send it to all your contacts. If you have seen it, sorry for the inconvenience and check the posts below.

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2 Replies to “German Apostate of Islam warns the West”

  1. Thank you for the repost, I missed this one and it is very important, everyone needs to see this but unfortunately many will ignore it.

  2. The Jihad and the Crusades never stopped. Its just that in the last two hundred years we were occupying almost all Muslim lands. The Jihad was finished and the Crusades were victorious.

    Then the Leftists decided that the best way to even it up would be to allow the invasion of Jihadis into the heart of the West.

    As it is we are in the process of destabilising the entire Muslim world. Meanwhile those Muslims who dare, plant bombs and rape young girls in the West. But the time is coming when all Muslims will be “asked” to leave – and when they do get back, what they will find is a scorched earth.

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