Links and news for May 15 2013

1. How bad is university these days? Well I can’t say for sure but I would be willing to bet that these two people who did a ‘performance art piece’ that got one of them raped, killed and her naked body dumped in some bushes near a Turkish village likely did several years at one, as thats how long it would take I would imagine to divorce someone from reality to the point that they would hitchhike across Islamic Europe and into the middle east wearing wedding dresses.

To add insanity to naivety, here a member of the faculty of the University of Brasilia walks around Turkey with a wedding dress on provoking the locals as a tribute to the dead girl.

2. Nixon was a Piker

3. English class war.

4. Egyptian Salafist: “Shia Are More Dangerous Than Naked Women”

5. “How I became Islamophobic” (Caution: This may make you angry)

6. Oil shale could shift global BOP. (But they need a president that actually wants America to succeed. Or at least, not one that works 3 shifts to make it fail.)

7. Walid Shoebat video, the purest form of Islam in Belgium

8. This is what situational awareness looks like. Lets hope more people will follow Don Laird’s example here.

9. Obama admin has so many scandals of a rather enormous stature it is hard to keep up with all of them. Here is one and its not the newest. But it should have been the last.

10. Gates of Vienna on the highly significant canonization of the 800 Christian martyrs who died rather than be forced to convert to Islam

11. I normally don’t feel the urge to do religious muslim groups a favour but on this one occasion I feel I must. Muslims, THIS IS A TRICK! DO NOT LET DOCTORS GIVE THIS TO YOUR CHILDREN. This ‘medicine’ was not around at the time of Mohamed so it can’t be halal. You must get a fatwa against this vaccine. Let the infidels get it and suffer the consequences! Muslims are too smart for this.

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5 Replies to “Links and news for May 15 2013”

  1. Yes Nixon was a piker, but he was a Republican and the media will not cover for a Republican.

    Your comment on the oil shale is right on, Obama wants us to be destroyed, but when we fall we will take down the entire worlds econome.

  2. That should read the worlds economy, and it will be Obama’s fault, the worlds economy is so closely tied together that one major nation falling will collapse the whole world.

  3. As far as Obama scandals go, why isn’t anybody in the entire world disturbed at least curious about Barry’s affiliations with his cousin, Raila Odinga? Raila’s actions caused 50 Christians to be locked into their church and burnt to death by an Islamic mob, and Obama is on film campaigning for the guy. Not one single “journalist” in the entire stupid world wrote one single story about this.

    Raila Odinga was caught signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Muslim leaders of the North, promising all kinds of special privileges for Muslims if they promise to vote for him in a block. The mainstream media let Obama into the party without even looking at his invitation. He could be a KGB agent for all we know…

  4. Muslims feel uncomfortable in hospitals, but board says no to Islam-friendly surgicenter

    A state regulatory board indicated it plans to reject a plan to build a Muslim-friendly surgery center in southwest suburban Orland Park.

    […]Wearing a modesty scarf over her hair, Gihad Ali of the Arab-American Action Network told the board that after her mother was diagnosed with cancer, her mother was appalled that when she went to a hospital for treatments, male medical personnel and other patients could see her in various stages of undress. She also had to miss many of her normal five-times-a-day prayers because the hospital had no facilities for the ceremonial washing needed beforehand, she said.

    While the Bible was available in hospital rooms, Ali said, there was no prayer rug.

    “I should not have to leave my religion at the door in order to receive health care services.”

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