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4 Replies to “Regina hudna school shows staggering lack of diversity. No leftists complain.”

  1. how disgusting in the name of multi=culti imbicles, these girls cover their heads in submission
    while being indoctrinated
    Stop Islamic immigration immediately you low life politicians…
    turning this country into one of the backward savage countries where these insects crawled out from

    Where the hell is the integration?”??? What a sick joke on us all when these dear little extremist boys get to their late teens and begin to make bombs for a hobbie

  2. Bob,

    I love your comment. Oil is not enough for them, now they must have our potash as well! If it weren’t for the long wait list, this would be a great place to do an undercover story to find out what exactly is being taught there like they do in so very many mosques.

  3. Muslims emmigrated to the West moaning that were being persecuted in Muslim countries.

    And the first thing they do when they get here is to start the same old shit that made Muslim countries shitty.

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