Stephen Coughlin The motives behind the Boston attack and why the press will not tell you them

Please kick back, go to the highest resolution you can (the little gear at the bottom right of the video gives a menu and pick the highest number) and watch full screen. This is well worth the time. I might even say critically important. This will be a sticky post for a while and everything newer will be below.

Oh and if anyone here knows Justin Trudeau please get him to watch this. It clears up any ‘root causes’ issues.

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  1. It occurs from generation to generation,people dismiss reality much to easily,they would rather latch on to the notion of safety without consequence. If you want freedom,you should always be aware of the struggle it takes to arrive at this outcome. Enjoyed the post Eeyore,On your side.

  2. Mr. Coughlin’s mentions the Boston Marathon bombers conformed to two of Inspire Magazines guidelines by timing the detonations to explode when only a large number of locals would be involved, rather than earlier when the international competitors and their supporters were present. Actually, according to reports, they didn’t harm the driver of the hijacked car because he was a foreigner, which also met a third criteria. Confirming that Inspire magazine is the play book for jihad.

  3. Some completely mind blowing things that can be too easily forgotten in the avalanche of information.

    Al Quada and the Muslim Brotherhood are working together and always have been. He speaks in terms of actual evidence but that’s what it all amounts to.

    1 There is mention in documentation of what he lables a term of art, Secret Formations or similar (forgot the actual term). These secret military formations are integral to the plan. They can ONLY be Al Quada.

    2 Their stated plan was to eventually include the take over of middle east governments and that part of the plan coincided with the “Arab Spring”. I.e. the Arab Spring was directly related to Al Quada’s actions.

    What was left unsdaid. Our government, including the CIA and the State Department is staffed exclusively by complete retards.

    So the OIC (the non governement body claiming to represent all muslim countries, not the actual countries themselves), the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quada are all working together for a unified goal.

  4. When Mr. Coughlin speaks, I drop everything and listen. His briefings on Islamic terrorism/law are outstanding, and demonstrably rooted in 100% fact.

  5. Truthiocity I won’t go so far as to say that State and the CIA are staffed with idiots but I will say that the higher ranks of both have been filled with leftists by leftist Presidents, leftists that will ignore reports of danger to the US so they can further their goal of a one world socialist government.

    Having said that there are a lot of idiots in both State and the CIA, they are bureaucrats and idiots find bureaucracies to be places where they can thrive.

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