Is Music Forbidden in Islam?

While this is all very interesting it is also worth doing a google search on musicians killed in Islamic nations for doing music.

Opposing Views:

by John Green, Demand Media
Islamic scholars differ on whether believers are allowed to play and listen to music.
Islamic scholars differ on whether believers are allowed to play and listen to music.

Whether music is permitted in Islam has been a subject of considerable debate. According to a number of conservative religious authorities, Islam clearly teaches that music is forbidden, or haram. However, other Muslim commentators dispute this claim. Instead, they assert that Islam takes a more moderate approach, allowing believers to enjoy music so long as it does not violate core principles of the faith.

Banning Music

The question of whether music is haram has received significant attention in both the Muslim community and the mainstream press. For example, after popular rock artist Cat Stevens became a Muslim, he not only changed his name to Yusuf Islam, but he also set aside his music career after concluding that it was inconsistent with his faith. Moreover, as “The New York Times” has reported, Muslim authorities in places such as Kashmir, Afghanistan and Mali have banned music on the grounds that it fosters lust and causes people to neglect their spiritual responsibilities.

Why Music is Haram

According to Islamic scholars who believe that music is forbidden, proof of its being haram can be found in the Quran and the accounts of Muhammad’s life recorded in collections called the Hadith. As noted in a number of conservative fatwas, or authoritative religious opinions, music violates the Quran’s prohibitions against lust, adultery and frivolous speech. Similarly, a fatwa published on Islam Question and Answer notes that according to one passage in the Hadith, Muhammad predicted that the Muslim community will go astray by permitting believers to indulge in silk clothes, alcoholic beverages and musical instruments.

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  1. I was always under the impression that Mohammed forbade musical instruments but allowed singing as long as it was ‘Islamic’ singing. Therefore you can have a little acapella as longs as its jihadi acapella.
    Maybe the chanting of ‘Allahu Akbar’ would be acceptable in barbershop form!

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