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9 Replies to “If you are British, this video is for you:”

  1. The question is will it be a conservative revolution or a liberal revolution, conservative revolutions are trying to restore rights while liberal revolutions are to find new rights. The American revolution was a conservative revolution and has lasted for over 250 years while the French revolution was a liberal revolution that planted the seeds for communism and fascism.

  2. As a “capitalist project,” Western Europe used to work quite well. Now, as she is more and more being turned into a “socialist project,” things are not running so well anymore…

  3. What people are no longer taught is that socialism/communism/marxism has been tried thousands of times throughout history, it always ends up as a dictatorship. The fools on the left think they can make it work, they can’t socialism is working against human nature.

  4. What this shows us as well is, the fact he has to wait till he’s Retired before he gives his opinion,did’nt he have any meetings with the M.P’s when he was representing the Public?? or maybe he had to stay impartial when asked in Private as well?? he could have passed these views off as observations and spoken out about it, but he did’nt and even his observations will not be made known to the Public.

  5. An excellent film but many of the people might find it too long I’d suggest a much shorter version which gave the same information and pointed out the same reasons for leaving the EU in a more bullet point format. Anyone wishing to investigate further would do so but the information in this film is sufficient in itself, but it needs to be shorter.

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