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8 Replies to “Exodus of Jews from France. CNN”

  1. I may have had my issues with the Jewish people, not in as the average person mind you, but to of those who have had a lot of influence on the USA which has in many ways not been good. They have been too much involved in wanting multi-culturism in America for instance. America is now a ghost of its former self and too many Jewish people seemed to have supported that, even helping to foster an anti-white feeling which is NOT good. Anyway, it does make me sick to see the jews having to flee France. Europe must realize (I’m sure they do already and are no longer asleep) the jews on this one are the canary in coal mine for them. Muslims in Europe a quite simpley a nightmare and the jews should stay in Europe and join parties that support Christian Europe and not leave. Also, CNN sucks. If one were to see this and not know the situation, they would think it was the French that are harrasing the Jewish people, and we all know that it is muslim thugs!

  2. Terrence, you are right. Many Jews in America support and promote non-White immigration. What they don’t get is they will be collateral damage to the demise of European-Americans. They will not survive in a multicultural environment, not the one being created in the U.S.

    While these Jews feel hated in France, European-Americans are hated in the country they created.

  3. The only way to stop this decline into another Lebanon in France is for the French Police to use live amunition as soon as the Muslim riots start over the cuts to their welfare handouts start… Shoot to kill orders need to be issued…

    Yes many Jews are too self-effacing. 70 percent voted for Obama evidently… That’s like the Jews in Germany voting for the gas chamber in 1936….

  4. The were like everyone else, they didn’t pay attention Obama’s history, they listened to his speeches and thought he was a good man. In other words they were naive enough to believe his lies.

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