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  1. The United States have been told to keep an eye on the UK as what is happening here will happen to the U.S. in ten years time. That’s how far ahead along the dhimmi road Britain is. But all free nations should keep a very close eye on Sweden, as they are much closer to the Leftist-Sharia nightmare than anyone.
    Sweden are the nation to watch!

  2. Sweden has about a 100 Saab JAS 39 Gripens. They would need to overfly many countries if they were to fly over Eastern Europe. And thus get permission. The Swedish boaster, Stefan Loven knows this. So he can say this without being called for BS.

    If the over flights were granted than Israel was cooked anyway and he would get credit for being an “early adopter” of this anti-Israel stance. This is one of the primary motivators of Stefan’s. He looked at demographic trends as he sees them, put his finger in the wind and as noble politician got out in front of the crowd.

    He reads the oracle bones but he is not great visionary. Just a grubbing politician looking to stay relevant and on top (for the money power & women).

    shortest route politically is to over fly Finland go thru Russia (Backer of Syria), maybe cut thru Ukraine & then it is a clear shot to Israel-phobic countries like Turkey

    Finland can be cowed into such an over flight, by Putin. Perhaps Ukraine could be too.

    But flying 100 a fraction of the Swedish Airforce) would wear out airframes, lose some from mechanical failure only to be mauled by the Israelis. Unless the Swedes rested in a forward area like Turkey. They would still get mauled unless they were part of some larger group. The Swedes do not have AWACs capability.


    < 100 Gripen(s)?

    The Swedish Air force has no combat experience. They cut donut holes in the shy during the Libyan debacle.

    Of course if Sweden did lose its' air Force in the Middle East, they would be defenseless against Russia. Maybe Stefan does not mind.

  3. Det är viktigt att byta ut fler svenskar med icke-européer +”Stefan Löfven”

    “It is important to replace more Swedes with Non-europeans” “Stefan Lofven”

    I want to find this and link it. We need to email it to everyone we know.

  4. @ Arun

    It is not ethnic cleansing in the politician’s mind. You are suppose to have the token child until your culture is gone. It is for the best according to the politicians, who have no real world experiences or education.

  5. Britain is what the US will become in around 20 years or less, Sweden is what Britain will become in 10 to 20 years.

  6. Stefan Lofven

    – orphan
    – studied economics in high school so he thinks he knows economics
    – learned how to weld
    – then went to study social work. Dropped out
    – Became a welder
    – 2 years later became an union representative. Never worked at a job since then.
    – Leader of Sweden

    – Marital status?
    – kids?

    An union representative can work and work hard. But so many seem to leave the flock and leave separate, privileged lives.

    Does his kids go to private or elite schools? Does he live in a gated community or upper class neighborhood where crime is non-existent?

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