Jordan woman’s throat slit in ‘honour killing’

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Jordan honour killing file photoAFP – Jordanian police said on Sunday they found the burned body of a pregnant woman whose throat had been slit and belly cut open showing her four-month-old foetus, in an apparent “honour killing”.

“We found the body of the woman at dawn in Ruseifeh (east of Amman). Her throat was slit in a hideous way. The body was burned after the murder,” a police spokesman said.

“We believe it was an honour crime. The belly of the woman, who was in her twenties, was cut open and we could see her four-month-old unborn child, who was dead too. Investigations are still under way.”

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4 Replies to “Jordan woman’s throat slit in ‘honour killing’”

  1. I thought warriors gained repute by killing other warriors of their stature.

    The men must not be warriors, but must be craven.

  2. Taxpayers pay the refugee resettlement businesses to bring muhammadans into the country.
    We have enough nutty cults in this country without having to import more on our dime.

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