Photo of Gay Man Who Walked Through Muslim Suburb of Paris With Boyfriend Causes Shock

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Battered and bruised picture prompts questions about rise of extremism in western cities

Paul Joseph Watson
April 10, 2013

A photo of a bruised and beaten gay man who claims he received his injuries while walking through a Muslim suburb of Paris arm in arm with his boyfriend has provoked shock and fresh concerns about the rise of ethnic extremism in western cities.

“A man in Paris, France was reportedly beaten for walking with arm in arm with his boyfriend Olivier early Sunday morning. Wilfred de Bruijn, a French resident, says he was assaulted while walking in Paris’ 19th arrondissement. He says he sustained several injuries, including a missing tooth, broken bones, and fractured pieces of bone in his skull. He posted a photo of his wounds on his Facebook page with the caption “Sorry to show you this. It’s the face of homophobia,” reports Al Jazeera.

The 19th arrondissement of Paris is mainly populated with Muslim and North African immigrant families and who live adjacent to Orthodox jews. The area is known for suffering high rates of crime fueled by “gang warfare,” and ethnically-charged clashes are commonplace.

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7 Replies to “Photo of Gay Man Who Walked Through Muslim Suburb of Paris With Boyfriend Causes Shock”

  1. I saw this on “The Local France’s News in English”

    They are purposefully juxtaposing the story in ‘The Local’ with picture of this beating with Christians and Jews demonstrating to oppose gay marriage. It is like the person who said gay people decide what three quarters of the New York Times front page will be. We have no ideal who beat him. It could have been a Christian, Jew, agnostic or Muslim.

    It could have been a Christian or a Jew who is opposed to gay marriage. If you read the Local that is what is alleged by commenters of ‘The Local’. They said it was in the story. It is more likely that the beating was by Muslim youth given the ethnic break down of the surrounding environs. In the end it does matter to the LGBT activists. They don’t care if the people carrying out the assault were perhaps Muslim. They are going to say it was the Christians and Jews opposed to gay marriage. that is dishonest. After they get their political victory they will want to say let bygones be bygones. No way.

    This person went looking for a beating from Muslims. He knew simply being European would get him robbed and beaten where he was walking. He was prepared to take a 1 time beating to advance his politics and his career.

    It is real convenient that his whatever, Oliveir, can’t remember that the attackers said “Look at these fags!”, but cannot say if they looked European or North African.

    This person had no situational awareness? Especially with the internet I look up crime stats where my family lives to see what the crime rate is where it happens near them and what the break down in crime types are. A person just knows which part s of town are bad in general and when it safer to go into or travel through bad areas or safe areas for that matter.

    This story is not over. He’ll slip up and get his story wrong.

    Beating reveals ‘the face of homophobia’ in France

    Vicious attack in Paris: “This is the face of homophobia”

  2. Well, ok, they were stupid to be walking through that area in the first place and being so blatantly er…. gay about it, but how come these Muslims think that they have the right to claim that it is their area?
    It took us a few decades to get rid of homophobia in the West, from the ‘queer-bashing’ of the 1950s to the legalisation in the 60s and 70s, to the acceptance in the 80s. I’m sure that if I went around beating up homosexuals because they walked down my street, then I would be front page news, slapped in prison and probably vilified and threatened in all corners of the Globe. Muslims as usual get away with it.
    Hence the poor but apt joke: why should you never play Monopoly with a Muslim? – Because they always have an endless supply of ‘get out of jail free’ cards.

  3. Local news here also made believe it was normal french doing the attacking not muslims. but gays insist on multiculture so i guess this is the result of all cultures are equal.

  4. Olivier should have been able to give a description. If his friend is eager to talk to the press then so should he. And he should be eager to give a description of the attackers.

    But he is not. why?

    @ SoftlyBob, I heard of 2 gay bashing incidents second hand in the 1980s. Also I do not think acceptance is the right word. I for one was more accepting of gays in the 1980s and 1990s. No longer. Now I just tolerate them and will neither help nor hinder especially if they mix it up with Muslims. Incoming, fore or duck are no longer in my vocabulary. They gays I meet in forums are insistent on tearing down religion and this making everyone atheists. So ya, I’m so done.

  5. The papers being politically correct is not surprise, the victims being politically correct is somewhat surprising since they went in to provoke an attack.

    The gays achieved tolerance but are now refusing to accept this and are instead demanding acceptance as normal, the activists are demanding that traditional morals be destroyed and their version be forced on everyone. This is a mistake on their part which has the potential of creating a massive blow back that will send them back into the closet for a long time.

  6. Tried to post a comment on that page but was told “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” When I haddn’t even posted a single comment yet.

    I think I’ve been hacked. Anyone get a similar responce when posting to wordpress?

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