Five dead in Muslim-Christian clashes near Cairo – reports


Published time: April 06, 2013 10:34
Edited time: April 06, 2013 12:06

Reuters / Khaled Abdullah Ali Al Mahdi
Reuters / Khaled Abdullah Ali Al Mahdi
Violence has erupted between Muslims and Christians near the Egyptian capital city, killing five people and injuring eight, reports Egyptian state news. The clashes reportedly began on Friday night and continued well into Saturday.

A brawl between two rival communities left four Coptic Christians dead as well as one Muslim in al-Khusus, northeast of Cairo, reported Reuters.

Sources said that the violence was sparked on Friday night when a group of Christian children were caught drawing graffiti on the wall of a Muslim religious institute.

A nearby Anglican church was allegedly set ablaze during the dispute.

In spite of President Mohammed Morsi’s pledge to protect Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority upon assuming power last year, Muslim-Christian clashes have been on the increase and sectarian tensions continue to run high.

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12 Replies to “Five dead in Muslim-Christian clashes near Cairo – reports”

  1. Since their leaders are leading them astray after they eat the Christians they will still be hungry.

    Obviously, the Muslims have not read the whole Koran. Most people get into heaven. They are a select few, who are so bad they do not. Hitler or Stalin perhaps. People like that? So what are these Muslims going to say in Heaven to the Christians? My Bad?

  2. The first thing is to always read between the lines on any news the describes ‘clashes’ between Copts and Moslems. As though it is some dispute. Note the author of the piece is Moslem. First indication that this was just another pogrom against Copts using a pretext. How much do you want to bet that the ‘Christian’ children writing graffiti on a mosque were actually Moslem? This is the oldest trick in the play book of perpetual grievances of Perpetually Outraged Offended Practitioners of Mohamedanism. Since our government allows for retaliatory murder in the case of insulting Islam, there will be no condemnation in the West for the ongoing genocide of Christians.

  3. The left has done so much damage to the West that it is going to take us a real long time to regain all of our rights and again be free.

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